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Mage2Odoo - Turn Key Solution for Magento

Tested working with Odoo 8.0 Revision 04b252b72c3bb5568f002e05d2fa889a1b4aae90

General Requirements

Requires Python libraries



Required Magento Module

Requires Odoo Modules

delivery - Odoo Module

Recommended Server patches


Login Patch

This patch will prevent a frequent concurrent access update. All scheduled jobs in Mage2Odoo run on the superuser account. If any one person logs in or clicks any button, performs any action, The server will cancel the currenly running job because of a SELECT FOR UPDATE NOWAIT hack. This method def login also writes the last logged in timestamp, which can cause cascading write concurrency issues.

Sale Order Line Patch

There is a bug in method create in sale module for sale_order_line class. The onchange method for product will reset all default values if the field 'type' is not specified in the vals. This field does not exist so it will always do this. Remove this field from the methd

Updating relational many2many tables

The ORM will currently iterate over each item and execute a delete statement which is exponentially slow. This patch does a single DELETE FROM query which will save serious time when performing large batching operations

Optional Addons

This module can automate synchronizing historical data. It can also auto pay/auto deliver sales orders that are paid/delivered in Magento

This module will allow you to take your Odoo quote and get a shipping quote for every carrier you offer on Magento. You can add the shipping cost to your Odoo quote

This module in addition to our module will allow you to process credit card transactions in Odoo Supports full/partial authorization and capture in Odoo. *Only supports secured payment tokens.

This module adds functionality to the delivery order object and adds information on the deliveries about your Magento Store

Amasty Salesman module

This module will import salesman to Odoo when assigned to a sales order in Magento

This module adds functionality to the sales order similar to a custom Magento module that allows you to specify a customers shipping account for FedEx/UPS

This module allows you to integrate Cart2Quote module for Magento with Odoo. This module can create Quotes in Magento that can be validated from Odoo

This module allows you to import product upsell/cross sell from Magento. You can pop up window in sale order lines, just as you would in Magento to select options.

Donate to our project

If you are interested in donating, or are interesting in funding enhancements please contact me