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A High-Performance Azure EventHubs Sink capable of buffering/batching and regularly commiting your events. It supports .NET Standard 2.0 (netstandard2.0) and .NET 4.52 (net452).


  • Buffering and Batching messages
  • Committing messages per partition when batch is full or maxSendIntervalSeconds has passed.
  • Using MD5 for pre-assigning messages to partitions. You can provide your own hashing.
  • Retrying failed batches up to 3 times.
  • Logging errors to Trace. You can provide your own logger.

Getting Started

First install the package:

Install-Package Psyfon

Then create a single instance for the application/process:

var dispatcher = new BufferingEventDispatcher("<YOUR EVENTHUB CONNECTION STRING>"); // make sure specify TransportType=Amqp

And in your application, simply create EventData and Add (optionally send a PartitionKey):

var ed = new EventData(myEventSerialisedAsByteArray);
dispatcher.Add(ed); // you may also supply an optional PartitionKey string.

That is it!

Optional Parameters

  • maxBatchSize: Maximum size of the batched EventData to send, default is 64KB. It can be up to 250KB. Depending on the size of your event change this value but values above 128KB not recommended.
  • maxSendIntervalSeconds: Maximum number of seconds before events are commited to EventHub even if batch is not full. Default is 5 seconds. Depending on the acceptable latencing in the application, increase or decrease.
  • hasher: An implementation of IHasher which uniformly hashes the PartitionKeys you supply. By default uses MD5 which is very fast. While MD5 is cryprtographically broken, it produces uniform hashes and suitable for our purpose.
  • logger: An Action<TraceLevel, string>. By default it uses Trace.

How it works

Psyfon creates a partition sender per partition, each running in its own dedicated thread. This is the fastest way to send events to the Azure EventHub. That is why it has to allocate events to partitions using a uniform hashing of the PartitionKey.

Batches get retried 3 times.


A High-Performance Azure EventHubs Sink capable of buffering/batching







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