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Version 0.3 (2010 Jun 24)
This is a smallish bug fix and package compatibility release:
* Package compatibility: thin, RedCloth, taps, json, url_escape.
[Ryan Tomayko, Josh Peek]
* The default RPGSTALETIME is now 2 weeks instead of 1 day. Use rpg-sync to
update the gem index more frequently. [Ryan Tomayko]
* Fixed a bug where environment variables set in ~/.rpgrc and /etc/rpgrc would
override values set in the current environment. [Josh Peek]
* Improved default mac framework install. /Library/Ruby/RPG/1.8 is used as
the root for the RPGDB, RPGINDEX, RPGPACKS, and RPGCACHE paths. Executables
go to /usr/bin; library files to /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/1.8. Unfortunately,
this still requires root privileges. [Ryan Tomayko]
Version 0.2 (2010 Apr 27)
* The ~/.rpgrc and /etc/rpgrc files are now sourced properly and can be
used to control installation and internal database locations. These files
did not work properly in the 0.1 release, so installing to non-default
locations was impossible. [Ryan Tomayko]
* Added the RPGGEMURL config variable for controlling the base gem server
location. The default value is "" but it can
be set to any base URL (http: or file:) with gem files available at
"$RPGGEMURL/<name>-<version>.gem" [Josh Peek]
* rpg-fetch now fails with an error message and non-zero exit status when
the gem server returns 404 for a package. [Josh Peek]
* Dependencies are now resolved and installed properly for gems that use
the older gemspec format without dependency type information (runtime vs.
development) [Ryan Tomayko]
* rpg-list now supports globs when listing all/remote packages. e.g.,
`rpg list -a rack\*'. [Josh Peek, Ryan Tomayko]
* rpg-package-install now uses the gemspec defined "require_paths" value
instead of assuming the "lib" directory is the only source of ruby
library files. Multiple lib directories are also supported. This fixes a
variety of packages, including ruby-debug and facets. [Ryan Tomayko]
* rpg-manifest now abbreviates installed file paths using a "lib/", "bin/",
or "man/" prefix instead of showing absolute paths. The -a option can be
used to get the old behavior. [Ryan Tomayko]
* rpg-env now properly adds RPGBIN to PATH, and RPGLIB to RUBYLIB. The
previous version did not, so executing commands like `rpg env rake --help'
or `rpg env bash' did not setup the environment properly. [Ryan Tomayko]
* Fixed a bug with `--help' not working properly when passed anywhere other
than the last argument. [Ryan Tomayko]
* Various development mode `configure --development' fixes. [Ryan Tomayko]
Package specific fixes:
* facets: fixed to install non-standard library directories. [Josh Peek]
* json: fixed installation location of native extension library [Josh Peek]
* mongrel: shit listed to fix missing shebang in mongrel_rails executable,
and also to make mongrel_rails available on the load path to work around
issues with Rails 2.x loading it in `script/server'. [Ryan Tomayko]
* ruby-debug: fixed to install non-standard library directories and
dependencies. [Ryan Tomayko]
Version 0.1 (2010 Apr 19)
* Initial public release. Experimental.