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@cathor01 cathor01 released this Jul 19, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Soloπ V0.9.1 Release Note:

  1. 性能工具加入游戏 FPS 获取;
  2. 支持测试系统应用,可在设置中开启系统应用开关;
  3. 修复用例无法读取的问题,出现用例丢失情况的用户请重新安装最新版本
  4. 批量回放支持设置执行顺序;
  5. 统一用例编辑页面,优化提示流程;
  6. 支持自定义数据存放路径;
  7. 支持设置性能录制导出编码,默认编码为 GBK;
  8. 支持保存用例回放结果;
  9. 扩充响应耗时对比差异度;
  10. 加入新版本更新检测。

English Version:

  1. Add Game FPS tool in Performance Tools.
  2. Support system app testing, loading system app switch in Settings.
  3. Fix issue #25 , if you meet this situation (can't find cases after import or record), please reinstall latest app.
  4. Support ordering in batch replay mode.
  5. Unify case edit pages, change notifications ordering
  6. Support data store path configuration.
  7. Support performance records encoding configuration, default in GBK.
  8. Support replay results storing.
  9. Expand range of difference degrees in Record-Framing image comparation.
  10. Add update checking.

我们现在正在对 Soloπ 工具进行多语言化翻译,如果你对工具有兴趣,并且愿意参与翻译工作的话,可以联系钉钉或微信群群主。
We are now working on translating Soloπ to other languages, if you are instrested in this tool and want to join the translation work, please contact the group owner of DingTalk or Wechat.

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@soloPi soloPi released this Jul 1, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

tag: v0.9.0

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