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* Require Python 3 in testsuite readme

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Alire/ALR's testsuite

This directory intends to host a comprehensive testsuite for Alire/ALR as a library/tool. The testsuite framework currently requires a Python 3 interpreter with the e3-testsuite package (from PyPI) installed.

You also must have GNAT and GPRBuild in your PATH. You can install these with, for example:

alr toolchain --install --install-dir=<dir> gnat_native=<version_x> gprbuild=<version_y>

and add <dir>/gnat_native_<version_x>_(...)/bin and <dir>/gprbuild_<version_y>_(...)/bin to your PATH.

Assuming your environment already has a Python 3 interpreter and has virtualenv installed, here is a quick cookbook to run the testsuite:

# Create a virtualenv (prefix to install packages)
# The exact command varies from one Linux distribution to another:
# virtualenv, virtualenv3, virtualenv-3.10, ...
$ virtualenv my-virtual-env

# Update your environment to use it
$ source my-virtual-env/bin/activate

# Install e3-testsuite and all its dependencies
$ pip install e3-testsuite

# You should now be able to run the testsuite (make sure you built alr and
# made it available with your PATH):
$ ./