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Feature Request: Support multiple browsers at the same time by picking the webdriver from the instance on the descriptor call #4

cyrjano opened this Issue · 5 comments

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As it currently implement Holmium will not allow using multiple browsers at the same time. Currently on the latest browser will be used by the one page. Example of code that will not work right now.

from selenium import webdriver

q = PageElement(Locators.CSS_SELECTOR, 'input[name=q]')

firefox = webdriver.Firefox()
firefox_google = Google(firefox, url='')

chrome = webdriver.Chrome()
chrome_google = Google(chrome, url='')

firefox_google.q.send_keys('hello world')

#expected firefox browser do the search, actual chrome browser does the change

@alisaifee alisaifee referenced this issue from a commit
@alisaifee attempt at fixing #4. 2535945

@cyrjano : could give your usecase a go with the branch?

@alisaifee alisaifee referenced this issue from a commit
@alisaifee updated Element with the iframe passed to the Page
(bug introduced as part of fix for #4)

My thinking is being able to run test cases simultaneously. Imagine all test cases start with login, without this feature you could never run more than one test at the time, but with the change, several test cases can run at the same time and speed up the tests significantly.


so do the changes in the issues4 branch satisfy your requirements?


Yes they do. It is going to be a major version change but it looks great. Thank you.

@alisaifee alisaifee was assigned

merged to master. will be available in 0.3

@alisaifee alisaifee closed this
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