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Project resources

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    - Source : `Github`_
    - Continuous Integration: |travis|
    - Test coverage: |coveralls|
    - PyPi: |pypi|

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    - Source : `Github`_
    - Continuous Integration: `Travis-CI <>`_
    - Test coverage: `Coveralls <>`_
    - PyPi: `pypi <>`_


jira-cli is tested on python version 2.7


The project was originally written against a 3.x version of jira which only required support for the original soap rpc interface. With subsequent releases of jira the json rest api become the recommended method of communicating with a jira installation and the need to rewrite jira-cli became almost necessary given that the original implementation did not cater for a multi-protocol approach.

The original implementation was also not at all testable and provided a very flat command approach which led to numerous options and arguments being presented in a very haphazard manner.

As of version 2.0.0-pre the command line interface is implemented using :mod:`argparse` which allows for a cleaner separation of commands. Furthermore, the interaction with the jira installation has been re-written so that a factory can be used to load the appropriate bridge - thus supporting both the legacy soap rpc and the new json rest interfaces.