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The Problem

In the United States, job applicants are protected under federal law from discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, or religion. These laws go so far as to bar employers from inquring about these topics during an interview. But, in practice, most of this information is readily available on the applicant's resume or LinkedIn page, or becomes apparent during an interview. In the worst case, employers can intentionally discriminate based on almost any factor simply by Googling the applicant's name, but in the far more common and perhaps more detrimental case, employers have access to far too much information during the hiring process, and make decisions based on unconcious biases.

The Solution

We aim to bring diversity into the workplace by bringing anonymity into the hiring process. Our app allows applicants to break free from the typical resume or LinkedIn page template and describe their skills however they choose, using their own discretion to omit details that may reveal personal information. Applicant profiles do not feature a name, headshot, or contact information -- employers will only learn an applicant's full identity after scheduling an interview. In advance of this first interview offer, employers chat with the applicants, ask for work samples, and send them skills assessments. This format front-loads the hiring process with a meaningful exchange of anonymous information, and delays the more subjective, bias-prone interview process.

The Market

Job Seeker Statistics

A 2015 survey Pew Research Center found that 79% of Americans who'd looked for work in the two years prior to the study used the internet in their job search, and more than a third cited it as "the most important resource," outranking friends, family, professional connections, and job fairs. Currently, LinkedIn has over 476 millioon members worldwide.

Blind Hiring & Workplace Diversity Statistics

  • A 2003 study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that when identical resumes were paired with either avery White sounding name or a very African American sounding name, the White sounding name led to 50 percent more interview offers.
  • 9% of computer science graduates from the top 25 programs, but only 5% of employees at top tech companies, are African American, Latino, or Native American. This trend appears in law as well, with 16% of law school graduates, but only 8% of newly hired associates, coming from underrepresented minorities.
  • In 2015, there were more C.E.O.s named David than there were C.E.O.s who were women.

Key Features

  • Anonymous applicant profiles (no names or headshots!)
  • Completely customizable profiles with no required sections, allowing applicants to describe their skills and experience in any way that suits them, and giving them the freedom to omit details at their own discretion
  • Chat feature connecting employers and applicants, with a file sharing option for exchanging work samples or skills assessments
  • Newsfeed where applicants can post questions and thoughts about navigating the application process, with the option to post anonymously or with their real name


Similar Sites

  • Whitetruffle (uses a matching algorithm and profiles are anonymous until both parties accept a "match")
  • GapJumpers ("blind auditions")

Job Boards and Professional Social Networks

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • ZipRecruiter

Anonymous Hiring Software

  • Many companies use 3rd party hiring software, and some of these tools can anonymize resumes


  • r/jobs


  • e.g. choosing to submit a resume with a fake name

Wire Framing

Landing Page

Applicant Experience

Signup Form

Homepage / Profile Edit Page

Job Listings


Employer Experience

Signup Form

Homepage / Job Listings Edit Page

Applicant Profiles


Database Architecture

User Acquisition

User Personas:

First 50 Users

We will search existing jobs forums (r/jobs, LinkedIn groups) for specific applicants and companies who are dissatisfied with the hiring tools and practices that are currently the norm. These users will be site evangelists who give the site momentum, especially in terms of news feed content, and spread the word to their friends. We expect that the applicants who join early on will be people who have experienced discrimination in the hiring process or in the work place, and the employers who join early will be companies that understand our mission and already strive for a diverse workplace, but need better tools to eliminate unconcious bias.

Next 1000 users

We will partner with universities, continuing education programs, etc. to ensure that there is always an influx of new candidates, and partner with rapidly growing companies to ensure that there are always new jobs posted.

Channels of Acquisiton

Early on, we will focus on direct partnerships (with schools, companies) for acquisition in order to ensure that we have a sufficient number of users at all times, and that we are building a community that understands our mission and respects the site rules.

Later on, we hope that site evangelists will be a main channel of acquisition as they will discuss their experiences on the site in existing communities, both online (such as r/jobs) and locally.