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Lab 4.html

Exercise 1 (Area of Cylinder): Write a JavaScript program that will calculate the volume of a cylinder. Your page will show two input textboxes for radius and height, a button and a label for Answer:


Exercise 2 (DOM manipulation): Write a JavaScript program that displays a background image initially, and then when the user scrolls the web page, it slowly replaces the image with the text box (using transparency to hide the text box behind an image):


Exercise 3 (Check for pangram): Write a JavaScript program that takes in a sentence and checks to see if it's a pangram. A pangram is a sentence which uses every letter of the alphabet at least one:


Exercise 4 (DOM manipulation): Write JavaScript that does the following using event handlers only:

  1. Attaches an event listener (onclick) all checkboxes in the table
  2. That onclick will call your code with the ID of the checkbox
  3. The code in your checkbox click function will add a text box and allow change a value in that textbox
  4. Your second function will sum the numbers and update the totals


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