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Exercise 1: Here is a simple Course Selection Application by using standard controls in Visual Studio.


Exercise 2: Here is a Registration Form that uses some validation standard controls in Visual Studio. It has a table-style layout in the Web Form and added server controls to the Web Form with configured basic properties.

The form will display a message "You have not completed all the required fields." //if either of the following fields (i.e. Username, Password, Confirm Password, and Email) //are blank. It will also validate both password and confirm password. //If they are equal then display “Thank you for registering..” otherwise //display a message "Your passwords are not identical."


Exercise 3: This is a student application form where I created a master page and a content page using ASP.NET. It has validators for the fields and a user control for address section.

The form saves all entries in a ViewState and assigns it to a GridView control for a data binding. Ajax partial update for GridView control has been applied for all new entries.

student form

Exercise 4: This project was assigned as a homework where we had to download and understand the Microsoft source code of the store front web site that sells products online ( It was built using ASP.NET Web Forms and as we got more comfortable reading the source code, we had to modify it.

Here is the screenshot of the original online store main page and product page:

original store

original store 2

The second task was to modify the original source code and make it look and function slightly differently:

  1. Create a new branding and products
  2. Create a new user in the UI and assign them full priviledges in the SQL user table
  3. Create a new "Edit Product" functionality in the Admin Site to update products (source code only allowed to add/remove products)
  4. Create a new "Sale Price" item for each product (source code only showed unit price)
  5. Create a new functionality to show only sale products on the main page (original source code did not show any products on main page)
  6. Create new functionality to calculate sale price in the Shopping Cart (original source code did not show sale price)
  7. Test SQL database to ensure it shows sale prices.

Here are my changes to original code:


Important: Access to the source code is restricted for privacy reasons. If you are a prospective employer and would like to see my source code, please contact me for more information.

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