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- Do not use Rack::Chunked by default, leave the option to the user
- Expose Rack's map method for low level url mapping
- Bump ActionPack dependency
- Add support for passing an app directly to the namespace
- Fix a bug when a NYNY app is used inside a namespace
- Fix constraint matching
- Add constraints class method to group constraints
- if the response of the route is a enumerable, NYNY will try to
send it in chunks (given that both the client and the server support it)
- NYNY::Base for those who love the barebone (lacks config, namespaces,
templates, and run!)
- App.config
- before_initialize hooks
- after_initialize hooks
- Use Journey directly from ActionDispatch, since rails/journey is obsolete
- Fix indifferent nested params
- Make helpers accessible inside namespaces
- Fix namespaces inheritance behaviour
- Fallback to Tilt 1.4.1 since 2.0.0 has conflicts with a lot
of gems
- Improved and fixed the outdated examples
- Use Rails' Journey router as router to conquer the world and shorten
the codebase
- use latest Tilt (2.0.0)
- get rid of silly Rack::Response hacks, write to body properly
- Response#rewrite (body= aliases it for backward compatibility)
- Refactor .run! implementation, prefer thin, webrik.
- NYNY now ships with better_errors, which is only enabled in development
- Fixed builder instanciation logic
- removed benchmark script, since tilt dep version is not compatible with
- File SystemStackError when accessing missing param (@holies)
- Use Rack builder to shorten and simplify the code
- Add support for namespaces by using the builder
- Add ruby-prof as a development dependency
- NYNY will return a Rack-like response on each request ([status, headers, body])
- headers behave like a hash
- cookies behave like a hash
- added sprockets integration example
- improved documentation
- Fixed inheritance behaviour for App (routes, filters, helpers, middlewares
will be passed down the inheritance chain)
- Added support for templates
- After blocks will now be evaluated even if the request was halted
- Add ability to define helpers with a block
- Remove benchmark folder, and create a single benchmark file which can be
executed easily
- Simplified and optimized routing logic
- Fixed root path processing when a NYNY app is mounted
- Added Rails interop example
- Added session example
- Added NYNY.root
- Added NYNY.env
- NYNY will not show exceptions in production env
- Simplified and improved RouteSignature implementation
- Simplified and improved RequestScope implementation
- Made response object available in RequestScope
- removed .use_protection! (the rack-protection middleware can be easily
used manually)
- added support for extensions (using .register, which works the same way as in sinatra)
- Add rack to runtime deps (@etehtsea)
1.0.0 Initial release