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Node iKettle

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This library enables easy access to an iKettle. Much of the knowledge for interacting with the iKettle was from Mark Cox's blog article, "Hacking a Wifi Kettle".

var iKettle = require("ikettle");

Currently the functionality is read-only, ie. iKettle state can be read and is updated as the kettle state changes. If it on roadmap to provide write access to kettle state.

Please see the scripts in the examples directory for ways in which this library can be used.

Connecting to your iKettle

iKettle.connect(port, host, function(err, state) {
  if (err) {
  // Use state model here

The default port for the iKettle is 2000 and does not need to be provided if using the default port.

Calling connect will confirm that the host is an iKettle and will retrieve the current state which is used to populate the model.

The callback function follows the nodejs convention, If an error has occurred, the first parameter err will be an Error object and model will be undefined. If an error has not occurred, err will be null and state will be a Backbone model.

iKettle state

This state model is held in a Backbone model. It is provided as a parameter to the connect callback, or via iKettle.state.

In depth information on using Backbone models can be found in the Backbone documentation, but basic usecase for using the model:

Checking if the kettle is on

var is_kettle_on = state.get("on");

Monitoring kettle state changes

state.on("change", function(details) {
  var what_changed = details.changes;

Closing the connection


This will close the connection to the iKettle and destroy the state model.


  1. Sync changes to state model back to the iKettle
    • Partially complete. Further work required to support the order of changes, eg. setting temp then turning on
  2. Have periodic sync with iKettle to confirm state model holds correct state
  3. Auto detect iKettle on local network


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