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A few VB scripts that I've thrown together to help diagnose Windows PC faults
Visual Basic
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Check Size of Queries Folders.vbs
Check Time of Last Boot.vbs
Check Time on Remote PC.vbs
Check version of SAP GUI.vbs
PC Health Check.vbs
Remote Processes Dump.vbs
Slow Performance Checks.vbs


A few VB scripts that I've thrown together to help diagnose Windows PC faults.

PC Health Check

Gives you basic stats about RAM, Virtual Memory, Hard Drive space, etc.

Remote Process Dump

Gives you a list of all the running processes on a remote machine including how much RAM and VM used per process.

Check Size of Queries Folder

Identifies which user profiles have Microsoft Queries folders and what size they are. This is to deal with a specific Excel bug we encountered.

Slow Performance Checks

Give you information about remote systems that might help diagnose performance issues:

  • Basic stats about the PC
  • Stats about RAM usage
  • Stats about page file usage and whether it is system managed or not
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Size of temp folders
  • Size of Queries folders

Check Time of Last Boot

Gives you the time that the remote PC last booted

Check Time on Remote PC

We've had issues where people can't access server applications or web-based applications because the time on the PC was skewed too far. This script lets you quickly and easily find out the time of the remote PC.

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