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PHP In London, UK

There are a lot of companies in London that use PHP, and it is hard to keep track. If you know of any PHP companies with offices in the (Greater) London area (within ~20 miles), add them here with a quick pull request (you can also edit directly from within the Github website if you want).

Not in London? I'm considering a PHP-in-UK list, let me know what you think using the Github issue.

Developer? Contracting, freelance or permanent?

Tell recruiters... exactly when you are available - and tell them when you're not - Contract Availability.

Your time is valuable. Don't spend it chasing your next role, or fending off recruiter's calls and emails when you aren't looking.

Tell recruiters when you are available next, Let them find you as soon as you're ready to talk to them.

This is a local version of @awoods list for Seattle-based PHP companies.

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