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Puppet module: SublimeText2 and plugins

Written by Alister Bulman,

Official site & Git repo:

Released under the terms of Apache 2 License.

USAGE - Basic management

  • Install sublime-text-2 with the given (required!) settings

    class { sublimetext2::params: userName => 'alister', # me, on Ubuntu 12.04 installBasePath => "/home/alister/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages" } class { sublimetext": }

USAGE - Overrides and Customizations

Install to a given path, and then add a plugin.

NOTE: Until the editor has been started, the configuration directory does not exist. SO, the plugin portion of the manifests won't work till sublime-text has been run at least once.

# these must be set
class { sublimetext2::params:
  userName        => 'alister',
  installBasePath => "/home/alister/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages"
  # @TODO given the userName, and the OS, we could probably work out the 
  # installBasePath in ::params ??
# also required (currently installs the dev package from a PPA)
include sublimetext2
  sublimetext2::plugin { 'DocBlockr':
  gitUrl  => ''
# could probably install PackageManager in much the same way.

See also my own puppet manifests