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ALICE DPG SW Repository
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update macros for PbPb 2018 MC simulations
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DataProc Macro to morhp 2 TPC SCD params together (#254) Mar 9, 2019
Utils Fix for reading THashLists from TOF QA Apr 5, 2019
bin MC update for ALIDPG_ROOT when running with tar ball, relevant only f… Apr 19, 2019
.gitignore Add ACLiC fix for TPCSPCalib libraries on ROOT 5 (#195) Oct 16, 2018 Attempt to describe the tagging procedure May 18, 2016


ALICE DPG SW Repository

Proposed branching structure

This is a summary of the naming discussion between Roberto, Chiara and Giulio about how to name / release AliDPG. This is of course subject to changes and amendments.

  • For each AliRoot / AliPhysics release vA-B-C / vA-B-C-D there will be a single AliDPG branch vA-B-XX which is valid for all the AliRoot / AliPhysics matching vA-B-.* released up to that point.
  • An AliDPG release is always cut from the tip of one of the vA-B-XX branches and is guaranteed to work with all the AliRoot / AliPhysics matching vA-B-.* released up to that point. Every time a build of AliDPG is asked, it will get a package named vA-B-XX-<N> where indicate the number of rebuild. The user should always pick up the release with the highest build number, given a branch.
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