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Ragnarok Online server software written in Erlang.
Erlang C Elixir Shell
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Latest commit 03c7d39 @vito vito use 32bit arch on OS X
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arch use 32bit arch on OS X
config typo fixes
ebin add ebin/
include initial work on items and persistence
lib switch to erlang-redis
priv cleanups and preparation for redis switch
src only go back until packetver 24 when getting meta info
.gitignore Don't want to be committing a dump file now do we?
.gitmodules switch to erlang-redis
AUTHORS Adding an AUTHORS file.
Emakefile big tcp interface restructuring/cleanup; use gen_nb_server
Makefile add shell make command, make clean recurse simplify install instructions
build-scripts add build-scripts helper

Quick'n'Dirty Install Instructions

make configure install start

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