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A set of plugins to support Git in the Gradle build tool.

There are two primary use cases for these plugins:

  • Publishing to a Github Pages website. The github-pages plugin adds support for publishing static files to the gh-pages branch of a Git repository.
  • General Git actions. The gradle-git JAR provides numerous tasks for basic Git functions that can be performed as part of your build.

For more information see the documentation in the next sections as well as the APIs.

API Documentation:

Credit goes to Peter Ledbrook for the initial idea.

Adding the Plugins

Add the following lines to your build to use the gradle-git plugins.

buildscript {
  repositories { mavenCentral() }
  dependencies { classpath 'org.ajoberstar:gradle-git:0.2.3' }

Using Tasks

If all you want to do is use a few of the tasks, there aren't any plugins to apply. You merely need to start using the tasks:

import org.ajoberstar.gradle.git.tasks.*

task tag(type: GitTag) {
	tagName = version
	message = "Release of ${version}"

For details on the available methods/properties see the API docs listed above.


By default all GitBase tasks (any task that acts on an existing local repository, i.e. everything except GitClone) will act on the repository stored in the root Gradle project's directory.

This can be overriden with the following:

task add(type: GitAdd) {
	repoPath = 'some/other/place/to/look'


All authentication methods supported by JGit should be supported by these plugins. However, the only ones that are tested are:

  • Username/Password
  • SSH (with or without a passphrase)

On any task that supports/requires credentials, you will have two options for configuration:

Programmatic Username/Password

Use the credentials property/method to configure username/password creds

task push(type: GitPush) {
  credentials {
    username = 'something'
    password = 'somethingSecret'

It is unlikely that you would hardcode your password into the build file, so you should store these in another file, such as the user level Gradle properties (~/.gradle/

Prompt for Credentials

If no username/password credentials are provided programmatically, you will be prompted for any necessary credentials at execution time. This method has been tested with username/password auth, as well as SSH w/ passphrase auth.

Github Pages Plugin

To apply the Github Pages plugin add the following line to your build:

apply plugin: 'github-pages'

This configures tasks needed to clone, add, commit, and push changes to the gh-pages branch of your Github repository.

Configuring Repository To Push To

The repository that the pages will be pushed to is configured via the githubPages extension:

githubPages {
  repoUri = ''

Configuring Files to Publish

The files that will be published to gh-pages are in the githubPages.pages CopySpec. By default all files in src/main/ghpages will be included. The default location the repository will be cloned to is build/ghpages. This can be configured with githubPages.workingPath.

githubPages {
  pages {
    from(javadoc.outputs.files) {
      into 'docs/javadoc'
    from(groovydoc.outputs.files) {
      into 'docs/groovydoc'
  workingPath = 'build/somewhere/else'

To publish your changes run:

./gradlew publishGhPages

Properties-Based Authentication

Beyond what is mentioned above, the github-pages plugin also provides a file based way to authenticate. If you are using username/password credentials and don't want to re-enter them during each build, you can specify the credentials in the file. As these are sensitive values, they should not be in the project's, but rather in the user's ~/.gradle/

github.credentials.username = username
github.credentials.password = password

Release Notes


NOTE: The GitLog tag only supports commit hashes (abbreviated or full). Tag names do not work right now.


  • Fix: If cloneGhPages does not checkout the gh-pages branch, most likely because it doesn't exist, the task will fail.


  • Added GitFetch, GitMerge, GitPull, and GitReset tasks contributed by Alex Lixandru.


This release does contain breaking changes.

  • Consolidated plugins into GithubPagesPlugin. The existing GithubPlugin and GitPlugin provided no useful functionality.
  • Centralized implementation for retrieving authentication.


  • Added support for SSH connections with the help of Urs


  • Added GitTag task contributed by Urs Reupke.
  • The repoPath for all Git tasks is defaulted to the root project's directory.


Initial release.


Git plugin for Gradle







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