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Aliyun ODPS Plugin for Fluentd

Getting Started


  • ODPS-Open Data Processing Service is a massive data processing platform designed by alibaba.
  • DHS-ODPS DataHub Service is a service in Odps, which provides real-time upload and download functions for user.


To get started using this plugin, you will need these things:

  1. Ruby 2.1.0 or later
  2. Gem 2.4.5 or later
  3. Fluentd-0.10.49 or later (Home Page)
  4. Protobuf-3.5.1 or later(Ruby protobuf)
  5. Ruby-devel

Install the Plugin

install the plugin from gem:

$ gem install fluent-plugin-aliyun-odps

ODPS Fluentd plugin now is available. Following is a simple example of how to write ODPS output configuration.

   type tail
   path /opt/log/in/in.log
   pos_file /opt/log/in/in.log.pos
   refresh_interval 5s
   tag in.log
   format /^(?<remote>[^ ]*) - - \[(?<datetime>[^\]]*)\] "(?<method>\S+)(?: +(?<path>[^\"]*?)(?: +\S*)?)?" (?<code>[^ ]*) (?<size>[^ ]*) "-" "(?<agent>[^\"]*)"$/
   time_format %Y%b%d %H:%M:%S %z
<match in.**>
  type aliyun_odps
  aliyun_access_id ************
  aliyun_access_key *********
  buffer_chunk_limit 2m
  buffer_queue_limit 128
  flush_interval 5s
  project your_projectName
  enable_fast_crc true
  data_encoding UTF-8
  <table in.log>
	table your_tableName
	fields remote,method,path,code,size,agent
	partition ctime=${datetime.strftime('%Y%m%d')}
	time_format %d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z
	shard_number 1
    retry_time 3
    retry_interval 1
    abandon_mode true


  • type(Fixed): always be aliyun_odps.
  • aliyun_access_id(Required):your aliyun access id.
  • aliyun_access_key(Required):your aliyun access key.
  • aliyun_odps_hub_endpoint(Required):if you are using ECS, set it as, otherwise using
  • aliyunodps_endpoint(Required):if you are using ECS, set it as, otherwise using .
  • buffer_chunk_limit(Optional):chunk size,“k” (KB), “m” (MB), and “g” (GB) ,default 8MB,recommended number is 2MB, max size is 20MB.
  • buffer_queue_limit(Optional):buffer chunk size,example: buffer_chunk_limit2m,buffer_queue_limit 128,then the total buffer size is 2*128MB.
  • flush_interval(Optional):interval to flush data buffer, default 60s.
  • abandon_mode(Optional):drop pack after retry 3 times.
  • project(Required):your project name.
  • table(Required):your table name.
  • fields(Required): must match the keys in source.
  • partition(Optional):set this if your table is partitioned.
    • partition format:
      • fix string: partition ctime=20150804
      • key words: partition ctime=${remote}
      • key words int time format: partition ctime=${datetime.strftime('%Y%m%d')}
  • time_format(Optional):
    • if you are using the key words to set your and the key word is in time format, please set the param <time_format>. example: source[datetime] = "29/Aug/2015:11:10:16 +0800", and the param <time_format> is "%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z"
  • shard_number(Optional): will write data to shards between [0,shard_number-1], this config must more than 0 and less than the max shard number of your table.
  • enable_fast_crc(Optional): use fast to calculate crc, this will improve speed up a lot, but this is not supported in some os.
  • retry_time(Optional): retry times when exception happens for each pack, default 3.
  • retry_interval(Optional): interval for retry, default 1s.
  • abandon_mode(Optional): default false. Setting this to true will abandon pack data after @retry_time, otherwise will raise a exception to fluentd and use fluentd's retry, but this may cause duplicated data.
  • data_encoding(Optional): default will use encoding in your source string(string.encoding), but if your actual encoding and string.encoding not match, you should set this setting to format your source string, supported type: "US-ASCII", "ASCII-8BIT", "UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1", "Shift_JIS", "EUC-JP", "Windows-31J", "BINARY", "CP932", "eucJP"

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licensed under the Apache License 2.0