Alibaba Cloud SDK for PHP
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Qingtang-SDK ECS SDK Auto Released By wenle.bwl,Version:4.16.0
1, Add api AcceptInquiredSystemEvent.
2, Add ExtendedAttribute to response of api DescribeInstanceHistoryEvents.
3, Add ExtendedAttribute to response of api DescribeInstancesFullStatus.
Latest commit 7881683 Jan 17, 2019
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aliyun-php-sdk-aegis AEGIS SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.2 Jan 3, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-afs 由婉明发起的AFS SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=385, 版本号:1.0.0 Feb 2, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-airec AIREC SDK Auto Released By fangxiao.cfx,Version:1.0.0 Dec 16, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-alidns/Alidns/Request/V20150109 upgrade alidns sdk Dec 29, 2016
aliyun-php-sdk-alimt ALIMT SDK Auto Released By xulei.xl,Version:1.0.3 Dec 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-arms ARMS SDK Auto Released By shichun.fsc,Version:2.3.0 Dec 21, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-arms4finance 由渊和发起的ARMS4FINANCE SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=264, 版本号:2.0.0 Dec 8, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-baas BAAS SDK Auto Released By titian.gtt,Version:1.0.0 Dec 4, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-batchcompute/BatchCompute/Request/V20130111 first commit aliyun open api sdk to github. Jul 23, 2015
aliyun-php-sdk-bssopenapi BSSOPENAPI SDK Auto Released By liupan,Version:1.0.7 Dec 17, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ccc CCC SDK Auto Released By yonghong.lyh,Version:1.0.12 Jan 16, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-ccs CCS SDK Auto Released By wilson.liuw,Version:1.0.0 Sep 25, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-cdn CDN SDK Auto Released By xiaoyao,Version:3.0.3 Dec 3, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-chatbot CHATBOT SDK Auto Released By longda.cld,Version:1.2.0 Nov 15, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-cloudapi CLOUDAPI SDK Auto Released By carter,Version:4.8.0 Jan 16, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-cloudauth CLOUDAUTH SDK Auto Released By,Version:1.2.0 Jan 15, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-cloudesl CLOUDESL SDK Auto Released By,Version:1.0.0 Dec 17, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-cloudphoto 由廷诚发起的CLOUDPHOTO SDK自动发布, 版本号:1.1.18 Apr 24, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-cms CMS SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:6.0.14 Dec 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-core CORE SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.3.7 Jan 11, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-crm CRM SDK Auto Released By jingting.xjt,Version:2.2.0 Oct 24, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-cs 由治世发起的CS SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=442, 版本号:2.9.0 Feb 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-csb CSB SDK Auto Released By,Version:1.1.6 Sep 3, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dcdn DCDN SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.2.3 Jan 3, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-dds DDS SDK Auto Released By junjun.zhang,Version:2.0.3 Dec 11, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dm/Dm/Request/V20151123 dm sdk 添加是否跟踪的字段 Jun 27, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-dms-enterprise DMS-ENTERPRISE SDK Auto Released By yuyang.cjx,Version:1.1.0 Dec 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-domain-intl DOMAIN-INTL SDK Auto Released By huizeng.zh,Version:1.4.0 Dec 20, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-domain DOMAIN SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:3.12.2 Dec 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-drds 由燧木发起的DRDS SDK自动发布, 版本号:2.5.0 May 23, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dts DTS SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.0 Dec 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dybaseapi DYBASEAPI SDK Auto Released By pianzuo.zj,Version:1.0.0 Nov 20, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dysmsapi DYSMSAPI SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.0 Dec 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-dyvmsapi 由峰远发起的DYVMSAPI SDK自动发布, 版本号:1.0.0 May 23, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-eci ECI SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.0 Dec 30, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ecs ECS SDK Auto Released By wenle.bwl,Version:4.16.0 Jan 17, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-ecsinc ECSINC SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.0 Jan 3, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-ehpc EHPC SDK Auto Released By,Version:1.10.0 Dec 13, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ess ESS SDK Auto Released By wujin.lhr,Version:2.2.8 Dec 5, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-green GREEN SDK Auto Released By liuhai.lh,Version:3.4.1 Nov 22, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-hsm 由鸿逸发起的HSM SDK自动发布, 版本号:1.0.0 Apr 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-httpdns HTTPDNS SDK Auto Released By baijue.xwz,Version:2.2.0 Dec 15, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-imagesearch 由元狩发起的IMAGESEARCH SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=321, 版本号:0.0.1 Mar 9, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-imm IMM SDK Auto Released By kuta.zyb,Version:1.8.4 Jan 11, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-iot IOT SDK Auto Released By cheyun.lxf,Version:6.6.0 Jan 15, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-jaq/jaq/Request/V20161123 modify jaq sdk Nov 29, 2016
aliyun-php-sdk-jarvis JARVIS SDK Auto Released By mainri.mxy,Version:1.2.3 Jun 21, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-kms 由丰鲁成发起的KMS SDK自动发布, 版本号:2.5.0 Mar 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-linkedmall LINKEDMALL SDK Auto Released By bozhu.zb,Version:2.0.4 Dec 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-linkface LINKFACE SDK Auto Released By jiayao.wjy,Version:1.1.2 Nov 2, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-live LIVE SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:3.7.4 Jan 3, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-lubancloud LUBANCLOUD SDK Auto Released By benxiang.hhq,Version:1.0.0 Nov 2, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-market/Market/Request/V20151101 add market sdk Sep 27, 2016
aliyun-php-sdk-mopen MOPEN SDK Auto Released By everettli.ll,Version:1.1.0 Jul 31, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-mts MTS SDK Auto Released By lingkong.mxs,Version:2.6.0 Aug 4, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-nas NAS SDK Auto Released By hanjie.ghj,Version:3.2.0 Jan 4, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-nlp NLP SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.0.0 Dec 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-nls-cloud-meta NLS-CLOUD-META SDK Auto Released By kyne.wk,Version:1.0.0 Jul 13, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-nls-filetrans NLS-FILETRANS SDK Auto Released By qian.xuqian,Version:1.0.0 Oct 18, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ons 由明锻发起的ONS SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=185, 版本号:2.0.0 Sep 19, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-ots OTS SDK Auto Released By wanhong.chenwh,Version:4.0.0 Aug 8, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-push 由释一发起的PUSH SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=490, 版本号:3.10.0 Mar 23, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-pvtz 由空木发起的PVTZ SDK自动发布, 版本号:1.0.0 May 17, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-r-kvstore R-KVSTORE SDK Auto Released By junjun.zhang,Version:2.0.5 Dec 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ram 由高阳发起的RAM SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=99, 版本号:3.0.0 Oct 9, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-rds RDS SDK Auto Released By junjun.zhang,Version:2.3.1 Jan 4, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-release-test 由青塘发起的RELEASE-TEST SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=26, 版本号:0.0.2 Jul 21, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-rtc RTC SDK Auto Released By renrang.yl,Version:1.0.1 Nov 8, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-saf SAF SDK Auto Released By xinfa.duanxf,Version:1.0.1 Oct 9, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-sas-api 由顾怀发起的SAS-API SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=350, 版本号:2.1.0 Jan 15, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-scdn SCDN SDK Auto Released By zhijiang.nzj,Version:1.2.4 Jan 3, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-slb 由挐云发起的SLB SDK自动发布, 版本号:3.2.4 Apr 19, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-smartag SMARTAG SDK Auto Released By jijun.jj,Version:1.4.1 Dec 12, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-sts 由高阳发起的STS SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=100, 版本号:3.0.0 Oct 9, 2017
aliyun-php-sdk-tesladam 由荣旸发起的TESLADAM SDK自动发布, BUILD_ID=310, 版本号:1.0.1 Feb 27, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-teslamaxcompute 由荣旸发起的TESLAMAXCOMPUTE SDK自动发布, 版本号:1.5.4 May 8, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-teslastream TESLASTREAM SDK Auto Released By,Version:1.0.0 Jul 26, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-ubsms first commit aliyun open api sdk to github. Jul 23, 2015
aliyun-php-sdk-uis UIS SDK Auto Released By hejian.hj,Version:1.0.0 Nov 29, 2018
aliyun-php-sdk-vod VOD SDK Auto Released By zhanglilei,Version:2.12.0 Jan 15, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-vpc VPC SDK Auto Released By,Version:3.0.3 Jan 17, 2019
aliyun-php-sdk-welfare-inner WELFARE-INNER SDK Auto Released By hounan,Version:1.1.0 Jan 16, 2019
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Open API SDK for php developers


We have released a new SDK that supports Composer and gradually stop maintenance this version. Welcome to the new SDK: Alibaba Cloud SDK for PHP


  • PHP 5.3+


  • to run unit tests, you will have to configure files in your user directory, and make sure your project has corresponding service enabled, eg. openmr.


include_once '../aliyun-php-sdk-core/Config.php';
use Ecs\Request\V20140526 as Ecs;

$iClientProfile = DefaultProfile::getProfile("cn-hangzhou", "<your accessKey>", "<your accessSecret>");
$client = new DefaultAcsClient($iClientProfile);

$request = new Ecs\DescribeRegionsRequest();
$response = $client->getAcsResponse($request);

Authors && Contributors


licensed under the Apache License 2.0