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"nostr" stands for "Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays" and is an open protocol for censorship-resistant global networks.

Most popular

Mobile clients

Web clients



Relays are (so far) application agnostic. You can run your own or use any or all of the public instances.


  • Astrostars - Elixir based implementation built to be performant and highly distributed.
  • Bostrstars - Nostr bouncer nodejs relay
  • Bucketstars - in-memory-only nodejs relay for testing/hacking on. Stupid simple, <100 LOC.
  • cagliostrstars - Faster Nostr relay in C++ backend by sqlite3.
  • Denostrstars - Deno based, cloud native nostr implemention.
  • Ephemerelaystars - An in-memory Nostr relay that doesn't store data.
  • gnost-relay stars - nostr relay written in go backed by postgresql database.
  • knostrstars - a nostr relay implemented in Kotlin with support for Postgres and metrics(micrometer).
  • mapstr - Find local businesses which accept BTC and add reviews to those businesses as a customer. Allows ability to receive Zaps for your reviews. You can also add Nostr notes with coordinates which allows them to be mapped to your location.
  • me.untethr.nostr-relaystars - a relay written in Clojure
  • Minds Nostr Relay - a relay for Minds, an open-source social network
  • monstr- python code for working with nostr
  • multiplextr stars - A custom relay designed to save bandwidth for clients with multiplextr support.
  • Nex stars - A powerful and scalable Nostr relay written in Elixir with Postgres DB.
  • NNostrstars - a C# relay
  • nostr_relay - a nostr relay written in python, backed by SQLite
  • nostr-filter-relaystars - A nostr relay docker image package which filter content based on content type (SFW/NSFW), user type, language, hate speech (toxic comment), and various rules.
  • nostr-relaystars - Nostr relay in Go based on relayer. Backend by sqlite3/postgresql/mysql.
  • nostr-relay-nestjsstars - A Nostr relay with a clear architecture and high test coverage (PostgreSQL, MeiliSearch, NestJS)
  • nostr-rs-relay - a minimalistic relay written in Rust that saves data on SQLite
  • nostreamstars - a nostr relay written in Typescript backed by PostgreSQL (renamed from nostr-ts-relay)
  • nostringstars - A Nostr relay written in Deno.
  • NostrPostr Relay - a Kotlin Relay supporting both SQLite and Postgresql
  • Nostpystars - An easy to deploy/audit Python relay for beginner relay operators
  • nostrpystars - relay, client, and other tooling in python (No longer being developed.)
  • PyRelaystars - a python implementation of a nostr relay, using asyncio.
  • QNostrstars - A Nostr protocol implementation for clients as a Qt Module in C++
  • Relayer Basic - a simple relay based on relayer backed by Postgres
  • rnostrstars - A high-performance and scalable nostr relay written in Rust.
  • Servusstars - A self-contained, single executable, CMS / blogging engine reminiscent of Jekyll which also acts as a personal Nostr relay for your blog posts. Written in Rust.
  • søstrstars - a private nostr relay written in rust, saves all notes from one pubkey and publish them to anyone that requests them
  • sovereign-stack - a tool that helps you deploy nostr relays and create self-hosted (bitcoin-only) Value4Value websites.
  • strfrystars - C++ implementation backed by LMDB with efficient syncing of events using merkle trees
  • Notrastars - F# implementation backed by SQLite database.
  • Nerostr - A Nostr expensive relay paid with Monero and written in Go
  • Nostr client and relaystars - C++ engine that allows to build Nostr applications for command line, desktop or web.
  • Nosflarestars - a serverless Nostr relay purpose-built for Cloudflare Workers and the Cloudflare KV store.

Relay lists

Websites with lists of relays and their performance/health:

  • - relay run by
  • - real-time checking of status of some known relays
  • - real-time checking of status of some known relays


  • algia-webstars - A small resource consumption oriented Nostr web client
  • Agora stars - Follow your favorite topics in the Nostr-verse (and even posts from Mastodon, Reddit, Bluesky, and Twitter)
  • algiastars - A cli application for nostr.
  • Amethyststars - An Android client for nostr written in Kotlin
  • ArcadeCitystars - Public group chats and P2P services (WIP) over nostr
  • Astralstars - a branle fork with global feed and UI makeover
  • Attachedstars - Open-Source ReactNative Expo app for Nostr (iOS, Android). Currently under app stores review
  • Beaglestars - Decentralized realtime Text/Audo/Video chat client for iOS, using nostr relays for users to share information and moments by posts of text, image and video.
  • Bijastars - A desktop client written in python. Currently Linux only
  • BlazeJumpstars - A fast web client boilerplate written in C# / Blazor, that uses an in-browser SQLite database.
  • Blockcore Notes stars - Progressive Web App that can be installed on mobile and desktop, organize following in circles and have both public and private following lists. Dynamic interface for different uses, such as optimized for photograph viewing
  • blogstack.iostars - Blogging site for nostr, supports markdown
  • Blowater - A desktop Web client focusing on chat with delightful UX
  • - A bitcoin lightning makers community that supports reading and creating comments using Nostr
  • Coraclestars - A nostr web client
  • Coracle Chatstars - A standalone port of Coracle's old chat functionality
  • Coracle DMsstars - A standalone port of Coracle's old DM functionality
  • Corny Chatstars - Corny Chat is an open source audio space built on Jam that integrates Nostr and Lightning.
  • Daisy - Mobile client for Android and iOS
  • damusstars - a twitter-like nostr client for iOS and MacOS
  • Dennystars - Secure, private, and decentralized group chat messaging client on Nostr
  • Disgusstars - A comment widget like Disqus, but for Nostr.
  • disputestars - A cross-platform (Linux, Android, iOS, MacOs, Windows and Web) client for NOSTR
  • Docstr - Collaborative Documents (Google Docs Alternative)
  • earthlystars - A social geojson editor with maps on Nostr
  • electron-nostrstars - A bare-bones desktop nostr client using electron-react-boilerplate. Goal is to be an easy template for people to experiment with different ideas on decentralized ratings, reputation, and web of trust
  • emonstars - Encrypted DMs over nostr with lightning payments integrated (WIP).
  • Flycatstars - A 2000s old-school style web client which support blogging on Nostr
  • Formstrstars - A Google Forms alternative built on top of the nostr protocol.
  • futrstars - nostr client desktop app written in Haskell
  • gnost-deflate-clientstars CLI nostr client written in go implementing permessage-deflate websocket compression.
  • gossipstars - A desktop client in rust presented with egui
  • get-tao.appstars Anonymous-first client with PoW notes
  • irisstars - A nostr web client
  • Jester stars - Chess over nostr
  • JiYou stars - A nostr PWA client with a highly customizable UI
  • Lightning.Pubstars - A nostr daemon for Lightning nodes
  • Listr - Curate, organize, and discover everything Nostr has to offer. Listr is the best way to create, manage, and browse Nostr lists.
  • loquazstars - a desktop app written in Rust for direct encrypted chat
  • Memberstars - Progressive Web App Client. Works on desktop and mobile.
  • Memestr - The Nostr hub for memes.
  • MeShellstars - Web, iOS and Android blog type client destined to publish articles and researches for independent journalists.
  • Minds - open source social network. Supports reading and creating posts using the Nostr protocol
  • more-speechstars - desktop client for nostr written in Clojure
  • nblogstars - a self-host nostr ghost blog
  • ni.pystars - CLI post only client for Nostr, Activity Pub, and the AT Protocol written in Python.
  • Nootti - Cross-posting iOS & iPad client app for Bluesky, Mastodon and Nostr
  • Nos stars - A UX focused iOS / MacOS app written in swift based on
  • nosbinstars - pastebin over nostr
  • nosclstars - a basic command-line client written in Go
  • Noskystars - A native Android client for Nostr. Still in development
  • - is a progressive web app to share notes and curate content in communities.
  • - NostrChat is a chat app where you can have group chats, DM, threads, and emojis.
  • nostr consolestars - a nostr command line client written in Dart. Binaries available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS
  • Nostr Nests - Nostr Nests is an audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences and more.
  • nostr-chat-widget-react - A React component that provides a live-chat widget over nostr that can be embedded into any website.
  • NostrEmitterstars - Simple E2E encrypted client and EventEmitter object
  • stars - Nostr client web app built with Next.js 13 and TypeScript.
  • Nostr Playground stars - A simple and user-friendly playground for Nostr.
  • Nostridstars - Multi-platform client currently offering binaries for Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.
    • Nostrid.Web - Web version running completely on the browser. It can be installed locally as PWA.
  • nostromatstars - A Twitter-style Nostr web client, written in Clojurescript/React
  • Nostrosstars - A nostr mobile client for Android
  • A Nostr-based application linktree-style to create, manage and discover link lists, show notes and other stuff.
  • nostr.timestars - A calendar app built on nostr
  • Nostrtiumstars - Post to Nostr directly from within WordPress
  • noStrudelstars - hzrd149's personal nostr client.
  • nostrweb - another nostr web client in vanilla JS
  • nostr-relay-traystars - a simple nostr relay tray app written in Electron
  • nostterstars - Twitter-like web client
  • Nostur - Nostr client app for iOS and MacOS. (Apple Store link)
  • nostuistars - A TUI client for Nostr
  • notebin.orgstars - Nostr UI created with NextJS, support for markdown and code highlighting
  • Noteonstars - Yet another nostr client focused on private chat and group chat with a simple, elegant and secure interface.
  • Nostr Web - React web client for static hosting
  • Nozzlestars - A lightweight Android client
  • Nuxstrstars - Starter template for building a Nostr client with the Nuxt Vue framework and Nostr Dev Kit (NDK).
  • OstrichGram - OstrichGram is a Telegram style desktop app for Linux and Windows featuring group chats and DMs.
  • Pinstr stars - Pinstr is a decentralized and open-source social network for curating and sharing your interests with the world.
  • Postr For Nostrstars - Post to Nostr directly from within WordPress using NIP-07
  • Pretty Good Appsstars - A desktop nostr client for linux, mac and windows with a focus on decentralized reputation and web of trust. First application: crowdsourced decentralized list curation.
  • Primal - Lightning fast web client for Nostr. Features extensive analytics, vanity profiles and more.
  • Pollstrstars - A nostr web client with a focus on polls.
  • Satellitestars - Nostr web client with Reddit-style threads
  • scalastrstars - A barebones nostr client written in scala
  • second exchangestars - an experiment to work out something of like medium, something of creator economy where users are rewarded for engaging in quality discussion and most importantly engaging in governance-related discussion
  • Sendstr stars - shared clipboard between devices over nostr
  • Shipyard - A quiet space for loud ideas: focused writing for Nostr.
  • shockwalletstars - A Lightning wallet that uses nostr and lnurl to connect to nodes
  • Snortstars - Nostr UI written in react
  • Spring Browser - Nostr-focused browser app for Android.
  • Stackerstan - starsA decentralised organisation built on Bitcoin and Nostr, implemented as a replicated state machine in Golang
  • Tamgastars - An offline first nostr contact & profile manager for iOS!
  • uBlog stars - A minimalist blog on nostr that allows anyone to easily create their own personal micro-blog.
  • Votestrstars - Poll web app with nostr authentication and blind signature unlinkability
  • Writtenstars Self hosted blog using nostr long-form content (NIP-23) and it shows only posts by selected authors.
  • - YakiHonne is a censorship-resistant content media protocol, which supports free curation, creation, publishing, and reporting by various media.
  • zapddit stars - Reddit-style client for nostr where you can follow topics (similar to subreddits), mute certain topics (like #bitcoin), upzap and downzap notes using your hard-earned sats.
  • Highlighter - Discover and share curated insights by people you trust. Highlight Books, articles, tweets, anything!
  • Habla.newsstars Habla allows you to read, write, curate and monetize long form content over Nostr, a censorship-resistant protocol for social media that uses long form nostr content.
  • 0xchatstars - a telegram/wechat-like nostr client for iOS and Android
  • Plebstr - Nostr client Reimagined, the most beautiful Twitter-like nostr client for iOS & Android.
  • Swarmstrstars - Your knowledge hub for curious minds
  • zephyrstars - A meditative nostr feed reader
  • Voyagestars - Lightweight Android client with a Reddit-like UI

Nostr Marketplace clients (NIP-15)

  • LNBits Nostrmarketstars - Nostrmarket extension for LNBits allows you to sell items directly from your LNBits instance
  • Plebeian Marketstars - The Bitcoin-native self-sovereign marketplace built on top of NIP-15 includes fixed-price items and auctions

Client reviews and/or comparisons


Bridges and Gateways

Cache services

  • Primal - Caching service for Nostr connects to the specified set of relays, collects all events in real time, stores them locally, and makes them available to nostr clients through a web socket-based API.


  • advanced-nostr-search - A tool to search Nostr notes.
  • anonroomstars - anonymous chat room inside nostr
  • blastrstars - A nostr cloudflare workers proxy relay that publishes to all known relays.
  • blogsyncstars - Self-host blog articles from long-form notes e.g. via Caddy server.
  • cafe-society.newsstars - Self-sovereign machine learning training tool for nostr global feed. Trained models can be monetized/distributed over nostr private messages. Your pre-paid model subscribers register via lightning payments.
  • contact cloudstars - Discover the Nostr contact list graph and your own pubkey in it.
  • granarystars - Convert nostr content into atom, html, rss, json, indieweb feed, mastodon, microformats2, activitystreams, activitypub/fediverse, jsonfeed, and bluesky's atproto all with web and rest-api.
  • git-nostr-tools - A cli tool for sending code patches over nostr
  • git-nostrstars - A tool to enhance git cli with nostr communications. Publish patch content, prs, repo name, issues, etc to nostr relay.
  • heyxynip5stars - A CLI helper for converting nostr npub/nsec to their hex format for NIP-05 verification.
  • homebrew-nostrstars - Homebrew tap for Nostr software.
  • http-nostr-publisherstars - A Cloudflare worker to publish Nostr events to relays through a non-blocking HTTP interface .
  • keystr-rsstars - An application for managing Nostr keys. Written in Rust, with simple UI (Iced).
  • lnpassstars - A key manager for Lightning and nostr.
  • Nostr profile manager - Backup your nostr profile and metadata
  • nashboardstars - a Nostr network dashboard with network statistics, reachable here
  • ndxstrstars - nostr's layer 2 indexing nodes, with more advanced querying capability than currently supported by relays
  • njumpstars - a nostr static gateway, it displays notes and other stuff from inside nostr as HTML with previews.
  • NIPFstars - A Python facilities manager for NOSTR ecosystem.
  • nip06-clistars - a Node.js CLI to generate or restore NIP-06 seed phrases
  • nip06-webstars - a website to generate or restore NIP-06 seed phrases
  • nkclistars - A CLI tool for nostr key manage and serve NIP-46.
  • nos2x - nostr signer extensionstars - a browser extension for signing events on 3rd party site without sharing your private keys with them
  • nostcatstars - cat-like nostr client for scripting and debugging written in Rust
  • nosdumpstars - A command line tool which dumps (download) events stored in Nostr relays
  • NostrAirTrackerstars - Elonjet on Nostr
  • Nostr actionstars - Send events from GitHub Actions
  • nostr army knife - nostr army knife by fiatjaf
  • nostr-crdt stars - Use Nostr for collaborative, decentralized, local-first applications with the Nostr-CRDT Yjs provider.
  • nostr GitHub Actionstars - send events from GitHub Actions
  • nostr registry - a database of known relays with their uptime and NIP support tables
  • NostrReplystars - Bot that replies to specified text on nostr global feed using NIP50
  • nostr_simple_publish- Drupal module to publish content to Nostr.
  • nostr-broadcaststars This tool lets you take your events from some relays and broadcast them to another relay. Could be helpful for backing up your notes to a private relay.
  • nostr-bulk-dmsstars - A tool that allows you to send DMs over nostr to many recipients in bulk.
  • nostr-cln-events - A CLN plugin to push clightning node events to nostr
  • nostr-commanderstars - simple but convenient CLI-based Nostr app for following users, sending DMs, etc.
  • nostr-deletestars - generate delete events requesting relays drop and delete content you've published. Blasts out delete request to many relays.
  • nostr-follow-bundlerstars This tool lets you create lists of profiles that other users can then see and follow themselves.
  • nostr-fzfstars - Nostr Directory; a tool for searching usernames and channels
  • nostr.json generatorstars - Generate NIP-05 nostr.json from NIP-65 or NIP-07
  • nostr-launch - a tool for launching a bunch of relays and clients locally for development and testing
  • nostr-notifystars - desktop nostr notifications using libnotify
  • nostr-proxystars - Push and get events to your Proxy, get results from multiple Nostr relays.
  • NostrP2Pstars - Pure peer-to-peer distributed microblog system on NAT transparent overlay network implemented in Golang based on idea of Nostr
  • nostr-rs-relay-composestars - a Docker compose deployment for nostr-rs-relay with SSL support based on Traefik
  • nostr-spam-detectionstars - An experiment in building a machine learning model to label Nostr spam content for filtering and relay rejection.
  • nostr-terminalstars - SSH-like access to your machine via web terminal, powered by Nostr.
  • nostr-toolstars - Rust CLI tool to generate and publish events
  • nostr-wtfstars - A set of nostr tools available and deployed on a web app including a pubkey converter and relay query tool.
  • nostr.directorystars - searchable database of nostr users and their other social media links.
  • - a nostr web gateway for viewing events by their ID
  • - network statistics with last published notes, top 50 publishers, and top 50 followed users
  • - generate publish-able Nostr event with random keys
  • nostrefreshstars - simple refresh function for nostr web pages
  • nostrendsstars - Trending on Nostr, like Twitter trends. Live at
  • nostreqstars - Nostr relay event request generator
  • NostrFlustars - A tool to collect and resend following lists from relays. You can also check badges.
  • nostrit - A tool to publish time delayed nostr events based on triggers.
  • nostrit-push - Blaster tool that will take a signed nostr event and push it to many (most?) open relays.
  • nostrich.funstars - A feature-rich directory of nostr projects. A fork of
  • nostrifystars - A Core Lightning plugin that sends events (forwards, connect, disconnect, etc.) to nostr.
  • nostrilstars - C cli tool for creating nostr events
  • nostrillerystars - a tool for running performance tests against Nostr relays
  • nostrostars - nostr osint (open source intelligence) tool
  • NostrSwap - NostrSwap is a fully decentralized exchange built on Nostr Protocol.
  • nostrview - A nostr search engine. Search by content, tags, events or pub keys.
  • hostr - nostr-webhost is a tool for hosting SPA on nostr
  • nsecbunkerd - Keep your nostr keys in a single place and provide fine-grained access to your team members.
  • Obsidian Nostr Writer - A free Obsidian plugin that allows writers to seamlessly publish to Nostr
  • - A proof of work based nostr explorer.
  • - Create custom RSS feeds with posts matching your keywords and consume using your favorite RSS reader.
  • - Search bots that you can create and follow to receive new posts matching a keyword right into your feed.
  • scoop-nostrstars - Scoop bucket for Nostr software.
  • secret-borderstars - A safe Nostr identity generator.
  • strfry policiesstars - A collection of moderation & antispam policies for the strfry relay developed in TypeScript/Deno.
  • Spamsterstars - Spamster is for testing relays and spam filters.
  • tostrstars - a twitter to nostr bot
  • Undelete my Nostrstars - Simple tool for restoring deleted nostr account.
  • Embed widget - Embed Nostr notes or profiles into any website with just a line of code.
  • - An embeded chat widget for your website. (seriously simple like copy/paste)
  • NostrTool - a tool to play with keys.
  • Nostr NIP-36 Image Redirector - Reverse proxy server which blocks accesses to NIP-36 marked image files from NOT NIP-36 compliant clients.
  • LikZapstars - A nostr bot to zap a note when you like it.
  • Zapper - Nostr micro-app for zapping
  • Replies - Nostr micro-app for viewing replies and reactions to events
  • Chief - A Strfry write policy plugin that provides blacklists for public keys, event kinds and words/sentences.
  • nostr-badgesstars - Nostr badge microservice for managing self-awarded badges. Live at

NIP-05 identity services

  • - A free NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • - Lightning wallet with NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • - A Nostr client that provides a free NIP-05 ID
  • - Lightning wallet with NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • nanostrstars A NIP-05 name server written in Deno.
  • - A free and anonymous NIP-05 ID registration service
  • - A NIP-05 ID registration service
  • stars - A free and open source NIP-05 ID registration service. Run your own.
  • easyNostr - NIP-05 ID provider: Use your own domain, or one of ours:,,
  • easyNostr-NIP05 WordPress plugin to enable your site as a NIP-05 endpoint for every registered user on your system using your own domain.
  • - A free NIP-05 ID (nostr address) registration service, lightning redirection and media uploads.
  • - A free NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • nostrplebs - A NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • nostrprotocol.netstars - A free NIP-05 identifier service.
  • - A NIP-05 ID registration service (in portuguese).
  • pleroma2nip05 - A Python based service to link pleroma ID's to nostr keys.
  • - A NIP-05 ID registration service (in portuguese).
  • - A free, open-source and anonymous NIP-05 ID registration service for all
  • - A NIP-05 ID registration service.
  • - A Nostr Address registration service.
  • - A free Nostr Address registration service.
  • - A free NIP-05 ID registration service, lightning redirection.
  • - Paid NIP-05 and Reputation Badge service. Verify and link your identity from Twitter or GitHub to your Nostr account, and get a badge to prove it.
  • Nostrich House - Paid NIP-05 service with nostr bot interface. Buy your nostr address with DM to for 1 sat/hour, anonymous, immediate.
  • - Free and Paid Nostr Address (NIP-05) verifier service with premium relay and vanity domains.

Offline signers

  • keechainstars - Bitcoin application to transform your offline computer in an AirGap Signing Device (aka Hardware Wallet) with support to NIP-06 and NIP-26.
  • nostr-signing-device - Signing device for Nostr built on ESP32
  • nostrumstars - Nostrum it's a mobile app that allows you to sign transactions and messages with your Nostr keys. Nostrum is the reference implementation for a remote signer app (ie. Wallet) of the Nostr Connect protocol.
  • amberstars - Amber is a nostr event signer for Android. It allows users to keep their nsec segregated in a single, dedicated app. The goal of Amber is to have your smartphone act as a NIP-46 signing device without any need for servers or additional hardware. "Private keys should be exposed to as few systems as possible as each system adds to the attack surface," as the rationale of said NIP states. In addition to native apps, Amber aims to support all current nostr web applications without requiring any extensions or web servers.

Vanity pubkey mining

  • glasnostr stars - CLI tool to mine a vanity prefix for your nostr npub
  • go-pubmine stars - Multithreading nostr keypair generator which gives pretty (vanity) public keys. Both cli and web app are available.
  • key-generator stars - A simple tool to generate nostr keypair.
  • nostr-pubminerstars - A simple tool to mine nostr vanity pubkeys
  • - Mine proof of work public keys with user specified prefixes
  • nostr-vanity-address-generator stars - Cross-platform nostr vanity address generator
  • nostrogenstars - simple web based nostr vanity address generator
  • powpub - A decentralized protocol to buy Nostr vanity pubkeys or sell hashrate
    • WebLN demo - Simple web demo where clients can pay with WebLN
  • ranastars - Vanity pubkey miner based on nip13

NIP-07 Browser extensions

Allow you to sign Nostr events on web-apps without having to give them your keys

  • Aka Profilestars - Nostr Signing Extension for Chrome supporting multiple key pairs based on nos2x.
  • Albystars - Bitcoin Lightning app with nostr support
  • Blockcorestars - Multi wallet browser extension with nostr support
  • horse - hardware remote nostr event signer with webserial
  • Keys.Band - Multi-key Nostr signing extension for Chrome with a sleak UI/UX. Based on NOS2X.
  • nodestr - A nip07 provider and polyfill for NodeJS
  • nos2xstars - Nostr Signer Extension
  • nos2x-fox - A Firefox add-on that lets you manager your Nostr keys in one place, and then sign events in websites without exposing your private key
  • Nostore on GitHubstars - Nostr Signer Extension for iOS/macOS Safari (Nostore on Mac App Store)
  • nostr-keyxstars - A NIP-07 browser extension that uses the OS's keychain or YubiKey to protect your private keys.
  • Nostrmo - A nostr client.
  • OneKeystars - Open-source crypto wallet with nosrt support.
  • Signum XT Walletstars - Metamask-like browser extension for Signum blockchain with full NIP07 support and multi-account management
  • Spring Browser - Nostr-focused browser app for Android.
  • TokenPocketstars - Multi wallet browser extension with nostr support.
  • wenstars - browser extension for website enhancer with nostr

NIP-47 Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) implementations

Clients (apps using NWC to access a LN wallet)

  • Damus - The OG nostr client for iOS
  • Amethyststars - Android only app
  • Lume - Cross-platform desktop app
  • Nostur - A nostr client for iPhone and macOS
  • Spring Browser - Nostr-focused browser app for Android.
  • YakiHonne – iOS and Android app

Endpoints (services or apps that expose a LN wallet via NWC)

  • Alby NWC (Umbrel) - Umbrel app for exposing your self-custodial Umbrel LN Wallet over NWC
  • Alby NWC (Web) - Web portal for exposing your custodial Alby account over NWC
  • Mutiny - Self-custodial LN wallet that runs in the browser

NIP-57 Zaps compatible wallets and solutions

  • Albystars - Bitcoin Lightning app with nostr support
  • Blink - Blink (ex Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
  • btcpayserver - btcpayserver has NIP-57 support for LN addresses since 1.9 version
  • Current - nostr client + lightning wallet
  • LifPay - Bitcoin Lightning app with personalized features
  • LightningTipBotstars - A tip bot and Bitcoin Lightning wallet on Telegram
  • nostdressstars - Lightning addresses server based on satdress. Adapted to work with Nostr features (NIP05, NIP57)
  • Wallet of Satoshi - Custodial lightning wallet
  • Zebedee app - Zebedee's wallet/lightning app
  • ZeusLNstars - A mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app for LND, Core Lightning, and Eclair node operators

NIP-90 Data vending machines

NIP-96 File Storage Servers


Outside of nostr itself, you find the community on:


Recommended reading/watching


  • Nostrovia Podcast - A Nostr podcast covering all the new projects, all the new cool stuff, all the new NIPs
  • Nost talks - Nostr related news and interviews
  • Thank god for nostr - The Thank God For Nostr podcast explores the ins and outs of Nostr, the decentralized social protocol, through a Christian lens
  • La Cosa Nostr - A podcast about the Nostr decentralized communications protocol.
  • No Strings - freedom tech podcast
  • Plebchain Radio - weekly live audio show made for plebs, by plebs which focuses on the intersection of Nostr protocol and Bitcoin plebs.

Other links


  • - is under maintenance as of late 2022.
  • branlestars - a Twitter-like client that was discontinued but lives on in its fork "Astral".
  • Flamingo - Nostr browser extension with a focus on UX
  • Listr stars - A Nostr Web Client for Making Lists.
  • expensive relaystars- a relay that requires payment for registration
  • nodestrstars - a Node.js implementation
  • Hamstrstars - A twitter-style web client built with Vue.js

Data for this list is contributed by the community and curated by ( npub1aljazgxlpnpfp7n5sunlk3dvfp72456x6nezjw4sd850q879rxqsthg9jp)


About - awesome-nostr is a collection of projects and resources built on nostr to help developers and users find new things