Arena plugin for player vs player or team vs team battles and Core for any custom Event plugin.
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A complete Event system for minecraft.

  • Comes default with several Match and Event Types
  • Huge amounts of customization through the configs and in game commands
  • Framework and API for easily creating custom matches/events.

Default Match Types:

  • Arena : You fight with what is given to you in the config. You can't bring items in or out.
  • Skirmish : You bring in what you want to fight with, you take out whatever you pick up.
  • Colloseum : 4 teams against each other, last man standing wins.
  • BattleGround : 1 minute match where the winner is the one with the highest kills after 1 minute. 4 teams of 1 player each compete.

Default Event Types:

  • Free For All : last player/team left standing wins
  • DeathMatch : 2 minute event where if you die you respawn. Highest kills wins
  • Tournament : ( bracket tournament for any number of teams )

Adding to BattleArena

I will gladly accept any code contributions through github. If you need help with the API or writing a plugin for BattleArena I will help as well.


  • IRC (#alkarin on, join channel BattlePlugins)
  • Bukkit Page (BattleArena on Bukkit)