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To add a spawn for an item or mob do the following. use the command ArenaAlter (aa).

  1. /aa select <arena> : select the arena you want to alter
  2. /aa addSpawn <mob> <index> : add a mob spawn to your location.
  3. /aa addSpawn <item> <index> : add an item spawn to your location
  4. /aa addSpawn <item> <amount> <index> : add the amount of items to your location
  1. /aa addSpawn wolf 1 : add a wolf to your location. Index # 1
  2. /aa addSpawn wolf 2 : add 2nd wolf to your location. Index # 2
  3. /aa addSpawn diamond_sword 3 : add a diamond sword to your location. Index # 3
  4. /aa addSpawn arrow 32 4 : add 32 arrows to your location. Index # 4
Extra things: To spawn an item with a specific spawn time or respawn time, you can use:
  1. /aa addSpawn <item> fs=<seconds> rs=<seconds> <index>: fs (first spawn time in seconds), rs=(respawn time in seconds)
  1. /aa addSpawn bow fs=30 rs=50 1: Spawns one bow 30 seconds into the game, and respawns it every 50 seconds after that. You could do it like
  2. /aa addSpawn diamond rs=50 fs=30 1 if you wanted.
  3. /aa addSpawn diamond_sword sharp:1 1 also works to add enchants.