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Complete shop system using remote chests and signs.

updated for 1.3
Just put the BattleChest.jar inside the plugins directory.
Default configuration files will be created when the plugin is first loaded
These can be modified later afterwards and they will not be deleted.
Needed Jars:
Vault or Register

Suggested Jars:

Basic Usage:
To use you must have a "Shop Chest" and a "Shop Sign", they can be created in any order and you can have more than 1 and create more than 1 at a time
1) To create a "Shop Sign" create a sign just as you would a sign now
Example Shop Sign  	      Example Shop Sign 2
<blank>                          <blank>
64                                  3
15 : 3                             B 0.5
Diamond                            22

will create
<my_player_name>             <my_player_name>
64                                  3
B 15 : 3 S                         B 0.5
DIAMOND                        LAPIS_BLOCK

1b) You can also link a previous Shop Sign by left-clicking with a redstone torch
2) To create a "Shop Chest" simply left-click the chest with a redstone torch.
If the chest is empty, it "Links" to any sign.  It will be able to buy/sell everything
If the chest has items, it will ONLY "link" to signs that buy/sell only these types of items

3) Buy and Sell as usual
4) add other signs, chests with the same item.. link them all together.  You can have infinite "Shop Chests" all buying/selling cobble from the same Shop sign.

Extra Functionality:
a) To link signs from the old system, simply left click them with a redstone torch.
1) To unlink a "Shop Chest" left click it again with the redstone torch

2) Buy and Sell multiple quantities.
type in the command
'/shop buy <amount>x'  to buy multiples of the quantity shown on the sign.  The X IS IMPORTANT
'/shop buy 32x' and right-clicking on a sign that sells quantities of 3 would buy 96 items.

'/shop sell <amount>x' and left-clicking on the sign will sell multiples

3) Give "Shop Chest" permissions to other people, this allows them to use the chest without breaking the shop connection
/shop add <playername>

4) Remove "Shop Chest" permissions to other people
/shop remove <playername>

5) List who has access to your shop
/shop list

6) If you are an admin you can create an "ADMIN_SHOP" sign
These admin signs do not need to be linked to a chest and can buy or sell infinite amounts of items

1.6.0: Added colored signs for Items