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package client
import (
// UpdateRequest is sent to the client of an UpdateChecker on a channel.
type UpdateRequest struct {
ResponseC chan UpdateResult // The client is required to send an UpdateResult back on this channel to
id string
//go:generate stringer -type=UpdateResult
// UpdateResult is sent by the client of an UpdateChecker on the
// UpdateRequest's Repsonse channel to indicate wehter the Update was
// successful or failed.
type UpdateResult int
// These are the UpdateResult constants
const (
UpdateError UpdateResult = iota
// UpdateChecker manages triggering UpdateRequests on a channel on intervals orand then handling of UpdateRepsonses
type UpdateChecker struct {
Interval time.Duration // Duration between automatic checks
LastCheck time.Time // The last time update was checked
LastFailedCheck time.Time // The last time an update check failed (cleared on succesful update)
LastUpdate time.Time // The last time an update was successful
RequestC chan UpdateRequest `json:"-"` // Channel that updatechecker clients receives requests on
forceRequestC chan bool // Channel for triggering update requests manually
response chan UpdateResult // Channel that updatechecker clients sends responses on
active bool // Is the checker active and running
// NewUpdateChecker creates and returns an UpdateChecker instance.
// The caller should then listen on the RequestC channel for UpdateRequests.
func NewUpdateChecker(name string) (*UpdateChecker, error) {
c := &UpdateChecker{
Interval: 1*time.Hour + (time.Minute * (time.Duration(rand.Intn(120)))),
c.response = make(chan UpdateResult)
c.RequestC = make(chan UpdateRequest)
c.forceRequestC = make(chan bool)
lg.Infof("Setting up update timer for %s every %f minute(s) ",
name, c.Interval.Minutes())
ticker := time.NewTicker(c.Interval)
go func() {
for {
select {
case <-c.forceRequestC:
if ! {
c.RequestC <- UpdateRequest{
ResponseC: c.response,
case <-ticker.C:
if ! {
c.RequestC <- UpdateRequest{
ResponseC: c.response,
case response := <-c.response:
c.LastCheck = time.Now()
switch response {
case UpdateSuccess:
c.LastUpdate = c.LastCheck
c.LastFailedCheck = time.Time{}
case UpdateError:
lg.Warningln("update check failed")
c.LastFailedCheck = c.LastCheck
<-time.After(3*time.Second + time.Duration(rand.Intn(5)))
go func() {
c.forceRequestC <- true
return c, nil
// Deactivate pauses triggering of update reuquests
func (u *UpdateChecker) Deactivate() { = false
// Activate starts or resumes the triggering of update requests
func (u *UpdateChecker) Activate() { = true
// UpdateNow forces an Update request to be triggered if the
func (u *UpdateChecker) UpdateNow() error {
if {
u.forceRequestC <- true
return nil
return errors.New("Updatechecker is not active")
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