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package shared
import (
type Connection struct {
Transport string `json:"t"`
Secret string `json:"s"`
Addr string `json:"a"`
Disabled bool `json:"disabled"`
Protected bool `json:"protected"`
ID string `json:"-"` // Generated for tracking connection history across runs
func (c *Connection) DisplayName() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s (%s)",
displayname.FromString(c.ID), c.Transport)
// the current version of the shareable data format, it could be any two
// letters possibly accepting more than one per version to avoid detection.
const ShareableTansportConnectionVersion = "ai"
// EnsureID creates a uniqie connection configuration identifier based on hash
// sum and stable across runs.
func (c *Connection) EnsureID() error {
if c.ID == "" {
hs := sha256.New()
resultWriter := new(bytes.Buffer)
encoder := base64.NewEncoder(base64.RawURLEncoding, resultWriter)
c.ID = string(resultWriter.Bytes()[:])
return nil
// Encode encodes the transport as a single string for the purpose of letting a
// user paste it into his application configuraion.
func (t *Connection) Encode() (string, error) {
resultWriter := new(bytes.Buffer)
// Write version number first and verify that it wrote exactly two characters
n, _ := resultWriter.WriteString(ShareableTansportConnectionVersion)
if n != 2 {
panic("invalid version lentgh")
data := struct {
Transport string `json:"t"`
Secret string `json:"s"`
Addr string `json:"a"`
Transport: t.Transport,
Secret: t.Secret,
Addr: t.Addr,
// JSON encode the data struct
jsonBytes, err := json.Marshal(data)
if err != nil {
// Base64 encode the JSON data
encoder := base64.NewEncoder(base64.URLEncoding, resultWriter)
return string(resultWriter.Bytes()[:]), nil
func (c *Connection) Decode(s string) error {
s = strings.TrimSpace(s)
if len(s) < 3 {
return errors.New("Too short format")
// Split version and data into two strings
version := s[0:2]
data := s[2:]
if version != ShareableTansportConnectionVersion {
return errors.New("Unknown format version")
// Decode the data part as base64
jsonBytes, err := base64.URLEncoding.DecodeString(data)
if err != nil {
return errors.New("Could not b64 decode: " + err.Error())
// Decode the previous result as json
var connection Connection
err = json.Unmarshal(jsonBytes, &connection)
if err != nil {
return errors.New("Cannot read json")
*c = connection
return nil
func DecodeConnection(s string) (Connection, error) {
c := Connection{}
err := c.Decode(s)
if err != nil {
return c, err
err = c.EnsureID()
return c, err
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