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Running the example script `smb_tracking.m` will output a video `tracking.mp4` to the root directory. No use to add a video that is generated by the code to the repository.

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README - This file
smb_tracking.m - Example MATLAB script
match_template.m - MATLAB function
track_template.m - MATLAB function
input/smb_w4-1.mp4 - Example video input
input/template.mat - Data file containing the template and mask for smb_tracking.m

Project Description

This project was an extension to a template matching project I worked on before to incorporate tracking through video feed. The idea was to use frame-by-frame template matching to locate a template within a video, and to optimize the code by reducing the search area for the template based on the previous position. This code at its heart uses a template matching function that uses a scaled sum of square differences.

Some unique functionalities of this template tracking algorithm:

  1. You can specify a radius around the prior matched template area to search in.
  2. You can specify a threshold so that matches can be rejected.
  3. You can specify a growth rate for radius so that if the tracked object leaves the search area, radius will grow around the last known position until the template is found again.
  4. Instead of using normalized sum of square differences, I opted to make my own scaling factor to normalize the SSD. It computes the maximum possible SSD the template can have with any image and scales by that, to get a true 0-to-1 scaled SSD unique for each template. That means a 90% match is a 90% match regardless of the template.

These scripts and functions were built on MATLAB R2017a. The script uses the computer vision toolbox to input and output video and draw a box around Mario, but this can be removed if a license to the toolbox is not possessed and can be read, output, and drawn using the standard Matlab library. The project idea came from a reddit thread in the r/computervision subreddit. You can see my subsequent text-post here: r/computervision/comments/6aqmbo/template_tracking_super_mario/

Example Outputs
This video shows the output from running smb_tracking.
This video shows how setting a thresh and radius will dynamically adjust the search area for a template by expanding radius when no good matches (that is, the scaled SSD is above thresh) are found in the previous search area. The code to generate this video is not included but track_template can be easily edited to output the search area of each frame. The included example does, however, use this method.

Description of .m files

smb_tracking.m requires match_template.m, track_template.m, CV toolbox
An example script which reads the included video input and outputs a video drawing a box around a tracked Mario.

track_template.m requires match_template.m
A function which takes in an imgseq (video) and a template (with additional optional inputs) and tracks the template. The function runs match_template on every frame and outputs match locations for each frame, optionally outputting the computed scaled sum of square difference between each imgseq frame and template at those match locations.

A function which takes in an image and a template (with additional optional inputs) and locates the template within the image. The function outputs the location of the best match, and optionally outputs the computed scaled sum of square difference between image and template at those match locations.

Run help <function name> for detailed usage instructions, additional input options, output options, class support, and basic examples.


Alexander Reynolds


Two Matlab functions and an example script for template tracking through video



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