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September 3rd is my birthday
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Welcome to the GT++ Issues Github!


Become a humble Patron! <-- Clicky clicky
There's cookies, capes and sometimes even cakes!
Monthly goals will permit a community vote, which dictates new content additions.
Funds raised are distributed between all active developers. (Currently Alkalus & Bot)


Join the GT++ Channel - Click here

Issues & Suggestions

The sole reason this repository exists!


You as a user are free to use officials builds of GT++ however you wish. I do not require written forms asking for permission and will ignore any. Posting on the IC2 forum page and letting me know is appreciated, but not required.


Copyright 2016-2020
All rights reserved.
Distribution of the software in any form is only allowed with explicit, prior permission from the owner.

Where did the code go?

It has been moved to a private repository, if you'd like access to a copy, please just ask Alkalus on Discord.

Derivative Works

These modifications are provided freely, Public use of modified or derivative versions is prohibited unless you are given specific written permission. Distribution of the source code, modified (including custom compilation) or otherwise, is prohibited by anyone except the author, except in the case of a derivative mod that has been given prior approval. Creating derivative works for commercial use is expressly forbidden and the owner reserves full right to seek damages.

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