Feedback is a Rails plugin that adds to your app an ajax-based feedback form triggered by a sticky tab.
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= Feedback Plugin for Rails

Feedback is a Ruby on Rails plugin that adds an ajax-based 
overlay feedback form triggered by a side-screen tab or a link. 
The result of the feedback form is sent through a ActionMailer.

The plugin was inspired from the "feedback" widget of and 

The plugin uses a generator to generate boiler-plate Javascript,
CSS, HTML, and ruby code into your application.
It sets up a ready to use feedback form (with minimal styling)
that you can further customize.

== Features

* Helper to display a sticky "feedback" tab.
* Display feedback form as an overlay with Ajax.
* Sends feedback result by email through an ActionMailer.
* Uses a generator such that you can customize the code and style to fit your app.
* Generates unit and functional tests.
* Works with Prototype and JQuery, choose through a generators flag.
* Currently supports IE6, IE7, IE8, FF2, FF3, Chrome2 and SafariX

== Motivation

Collecting feedback from users is really important. Third-party services
such as and are awesome tools to manage your feedback. 
However, we found out that in many instances such as for small sites or back-ends, we wanted 
a similar feedback form integration/experience but simpler, local, and customized.

== Install and Getting Started

Install the plugin:

  ruby script/plugin install git://

Run the generator:

  ruby script/generate feedback_form

By default it will generate the Prototype code, you can use jQuery if you prefer:

  ruby script/generate feedback_form --jquery

Make sure Prototype is included in your header:

  <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

Include the feedback.css and the files into your header.
There is a helper to do that:

  <%= feedback_includes %>

To add a sticky 'feedback' tab to your site, in the header place:

  <%= feedback_tab(:position => 'top') %>

Configure the action mailer in app/models/feedback_mailer.rb

  def feedback(feedback)
    @recipients = ''
    @from = ''
    @subject = "[Feedback for] #{feedback.subject}"

== How-to's

=== How to customize the position of the feedback tab?

The feedback_tab helper takes the option "position" which has four different values (top|bottom|left|right)
that corresponds to class in the feedback.css file. You can fine tune the position by changing the left/right, top/bottom
attributes of those css classes.

=== How to trigger the feedback form from a custom link?

The feedback_link(text, options={}) helper allows you the create a link that will trigger the feedback form.

  <%= feedback_link "Leave us feedback!" %>

Your layout header must also have the includes:

  <%= feedback_includes %>

=== How to customize the email message?

Edit the /app/views/feedback_mailer/feedback.html.erb generated file in your app

=== How to store the feedback results in the database?

Feedback generates a model that is not an active record model. In order to store the feedbacks in your database, make it
an active record model:

  class Feedback < ActiveRecord::Base
    validates_presence_of :comment

You must also write a migration to create your table:

  class CreateFeedbacks < ActiveRecord::Migration
    def self.up
      create_table :feedbacks do |t|
        t.string :subject
        t.string :email
        t.text   :comment

    def self.down
      drop_table :feedbacks

== Limitations (TODOs)

* No unit tests for Javascript
* Feedback PNG with transparency supported by IE6
* Graceful fallback if Javascript is not enabled/supported
* More customization options through helpers: (overlay style, tab color, etc...)

== Acknowledgements

Thanks to for the
idea of the "feedback" tab.

Part of this plugin was inspired from other software.
Thanks to their respective authors.
* Facebox:
* restful_authentication:

Copyright (c) 2009 Jean-Sebastien Boulanger <>, released under the MIT license