This project aims to implement jingle for mcabber as a set of modules.
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mcabber-jingle is a set of modules implementing:
* Jingle (XEP-0166), a XMPP extension for managing peer-to-peer sessions
* Jingle File Transfer (XEP-0234), a Jingle application type for transferring
  files between two entities.
* Jingle In-Band Bytestreams (XEP-261), a Jingle transport method that sends data
  using the In-Band Bytestreams (IBB) protocol (XEP-0047).
To build the modules, you will need loudmouth and mcabber headers files along
with cmake. On Debian/Ubuntu, cmake is provided by the "cmake" package and the
loudmouth header files in "loudmouth-dev".
Once you have installed them, you can simply run "cmake .", then "make install"
as root. This should install the 3 modules in /usr/lib/mcabber.
To load them, type "/module load jingle", "/module load jingle-ft" and "module
load jingle-ibb". You can also load them automatically by putting those three
lines in your mcabberrc without the leading slash.

The Jingle File Transfer module provide a /jft command.
This command has three modes:
* "send" to send files. e.g:
  /jft send /tmp/some_file_i_share
  Note that like in a shell, ~ refer to your home dir.
* "info" to list transfers.
* "flush" to remove finished transfers.