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DroidZebra Reversi for Android
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DroidZebra Reversi for Android

DroidZebra is a graphical front-end for well-known Zebra Othello 
Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. It is one of the strongest 
othello-playing programs in the world. More info on Zebra engine 
can be found here: 

The game requires 10MB of storage (external or internal) to play.

Info about Reversi:

DroidZebra is a graphical interface for Zebra Othello Engine 
written by Gunnar Andersson ported to Android OS (by myself).

You will need approximately 15mb of storage space to install 
and play the game. 

assets/ - compressed book and coeffs2.bin
jni/ - C code Zebra + mods
src/ - Java code
res/ - resource files

Current features:
- Zebra engine
- play human vs human, hunam vs computer, computer vs computer
- multiple levels of play
- practice mode
- unlimited undo

- timed play
- remote player vs player

Version 1.5.3

- added Korean translation (by Dal Yu)
- enable action bar on devices with API 11+

Version 1.5.2

- added French translation (by Bintsa Andriani and Cédric et Anne-Laure Beaurain)
- corrected status view text truncation issues

Version 1.5

- updated target version to API level 19
- migrated dialogs to use dialog fragments
- added board animations
- added "hint" option (show evals on the board for one move)
- minor scoreboard layout changes

Version 1.4.1

- bugfix: Randomness option in Settings was not available 

Version 1.4

 - Japanese translation (by Keishiro Tsuchiya)
 - REDO function (by Keishiro Tsuchiya)
 - email function (by Keishiro Tsuchiya)
 - russian translation
 - bugfixes

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