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A fullscreen console text editor
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A fullscreen console multiplatform text editor.

Project files

  • bld_edit.bat - command file to build Hbedit for Windows (Borland C compiler).

  • - shell script to build Hbedit for Linux.

  • bld_edit_full.bat - command file to build full Hbedit for Windows (Borland C compiler), its only difference is that the full version requests most of Harbour functions to provide a possibility to use them in plugins.

  • bld_plugins.bat - command file to build plugins.

  • - shell script to build plugins.

  • hbedit.hbp - project file to build hbedit with hbmk2.

  • hbedit_full.hbp - project file to build full hbedit with hbmk2.

  • - Hbedit help file (Russian).

  • - Hbedit help file (English).

  • hbedit.ini - Hbedit ini file.

  • source/


    • - header files.

    • cfuncs.c

    • fcmd.prg

    • fedit.prg

    • ffiles.prg

    • fkeymaps.prg

    • fgetsys.prg

    • falert.prg

    • fmenu.prg

    • hilight.prg - editor source files, which implements the TEdit class. To include the TEdit in your application you need to link them all.

    • errorsys.prg

    • hbedit.prg - a wrapper for TEdit class, which implements the editor.

  • source/plugins/ - plugins source files

    • plug_c_spis.prg - C functions list
    • plug_go_fmt.prg - Golang formatting
    • plug_go_run.prg - Golang run code
    • plug_go_spis.prg - Golang functions list
    • plug_hbp_init.prg - a start plugin for .hbp files
    • plug_prg_compile.prg - Harbour compiling
    • plug_prg_run.prg - Harbour run
    • plug_prg_spis.prg - Harbour functions list


The Hbedit may be used as a class, as a library to incorporate it to your application. You just need to compile and link the Tedit source files ( cfuncs.c, fcmd.prg, fedit.prg, ffiles.prg, fmenu.prg, hilight.prg ) and put following lines:

  oEdit := TEdit():New( Memoread("my.txt"), "my.txt" )

to edit, for example, a file "my.txt".

Also, compiled and linked with hbedit.prg, it is a standalone editor.

Hbedit command line parameters

hbedit [-f iniFileName] [-gN] [-xy=xPos,yPos] [-size=nCols,nRows] [-ro] [files...]

  • -f iniFileName - a name of ini file to use instead of hbedit.ini
  • -gN - goto line N; If N is negative it is a number of lines before the end
  • -xy=xPos,yPos - initial window position in pixels (for Windows only)
  • [-size=nCols,nRows] - number of columns and rows in an editor window
  • [-ro] - open file in a readonly mode
  • files... - the list of files to edit


hbedit.ini includes many important options, you may edit it to tune the editor.

One of them - codepages used. The list is in [CODEPAGES] section, you can include there those, which you need and delete others. Below is a list of possible values:

BG866, BGISO, BGMIK, BGWIN, BIG5, CP950, CS852, CS852C, CSISO, CSKAMC, CSWIN, DE850, DE850M, DEISO, DEWIN, DK865, EL437, EL737, ELISO, ELWIN, EN, ES850, ES850C, ES850M, ESISO, ESMWIN, ESWIN, FI850, FR850, FR850C, FR850M, FRISO, FRWIN, GBK, HE862, HEWIN, HR646, HR852, HRISO, HRWIN, HU852, HU852C, HUISO, HUWIN, IS850, IS861, IT437, IT850, IT850M, ITISB, ITISO, ITWIN, LT775, LTWIN, NL850, NL850M, NO865, PL852, PLISO, PLMAZ, PLWIN, PT850, PT860, PTISO, RO852, ROISO, ROWIN, RU1251, RU866, RUISO, RUKOI8, SK852, SK852C, SKISO, SKKAMC, SKWIN, SL646, SL852, SLISO, SLWIN, SR646, SR646C, SRWIN, SV437C, SV850, SV850M, SVISO, SVWIN, TR857, TRISO, TRWIN, UA1125, UA1251, UA866, UAKOI8, UTF8.


You may download some ready binaries from

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