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Attention! Since October 6, 2023 we are forced to use two-factor authentication to be able to update the repository. Because it's not suitable for me, I will probably use another place for projects. Maybe,, maybe, Sourceforge... Follow the news on my website,

Внимание! С 6 октября 2023 года нас вынуждают использовать двухфакторную идентификацию для того, чтобы продолжать работать над проектами. Поскольку для меня это крайне неудобно, я, возможно, переведу проекты на другое место. Это может быть, Sourceforge, или что-то еще. Следите за новостями на моем сайте

The program checks a mail from a number of mailboxes at specified intervals. It signals when new messages arrives, shows a specified number of last messages, allows to delete some of them.

The Mailagent is written in Golang and have the following dependencies:

  1. go-imap, go-imap/client packages to implement access to the imap mail server:
  2. external, a GUI framework,

You need also a GuiServer executable, which is necessary for the External, see

Ready binary package for Windows with the GuiServer included may be downloaded from

Adding a mailbox

To add a mailbox to the list you need to click on the menu button in a left upper corner and to select the 'Add mailbox' menu item. Then input the following items in a dialog box:

  • Title - the title of a mailbox - it will be displayed in the list;
  • Address and port - the address and port number of the mail server. Have in mind, that we use imap protocol, so, for gmail, for example, it should be
  • Login - the login name for a mailbox;
  • Password - the password for a mailbox. You may do not input it here for to not keep it in agent.ini. In this case you will be asked about password every time at a program start;
  • Trash folder name - a name of a mailbox folder, where deleted messages should be copied. If it is not set, messages won't be copied before deleting;
  • Web address - a web address of your mailbox. It will be opened in a browser if you double click on the mailbox in a list;
  • Refresh interval (min) - a time interval in minutes to refresh the mailbox information;
  • Max messages - a number of last messages in the mailbox, which will be displayed in a messages list.

Alexander S.Kresin mailto:


Checking the mail from a number of mailboxes, written with Golang and External GUI framework






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