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The program checks a mail from a number of mailboxes at specified intervals. It signals when new messages arrives, shows a specified number of last messages, allows to delete some of them.

The Mailagent is written in Golang and have the following dependencies:

  1. go-imap, go-imap/client packages to implement access to the imap mail server:
  2. external, a GUI framework,

You need also a GuiServer executable, which is necessary for the External, see

Ready binary package for Windows with the GuiServer included may be downloaded from

Adding a mailbox

To add a mailbox to the list you need to click on the menu button in a left upper corner and to select the 'Add mailbox' menu item. Then input the following items in a dialog box:

  • Title - the title of a mailbox - it will be displayed in the list;
  • Address and port - the address and port number of the mail server. Have in mind, that we use imap protocol, so, for gmail, for example, it should be
  • Login - the login name for a mailbox;
  • Password - the password for a mailbox. You may do not input it here for to not keep it in agent.ini. In this case you will be asked about password every time at a program start;
  • Trash folder name - a name of a mailbox folder, where deleted messages should be copied. If it is not set, messages won't be copied before deleting;
  • Web address - a web address of your mailbox. It will be opened in a browser if you double click on the mailbox in a list;
  • Refresh interval (min) - a time interval in minutes to refresh the mailbox information;
  • Max messages - a number of last messages in the mailbox, which will be displayed in a messages list.

Alexander S.Kresin mailto:


Checking the mail from a number of mailboxes, written with Golang and External GUI framework



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