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Bot Configuration

You can configure the all-contributors bot behaviour by updating the .all-contributorsrc JSON file. The data used to generate the contributors list will be stored in there, and you can configure how you want @all-contributors to generate the list.

You are viewing the 🤖Bot Configuration, which is similar to the CLI Configuration

These are the keys you can specify:

Option Description Example/Default
files Array of files to update. Default: ['']
imageSize Size (in px) of the user's avatar. Default: 100
contributorsPerLine Maximum number of columns for the contributors table. Default: 7
badgeTemplate Define your own lodash template to generate the badge.
contributorTemplate Define your own lodash template to generate the contributor.
types Specify custom symbols or link templates for contribution types. Can override the documented types.
contributors List of contributors for this project, this is updated by @all-contributors add
  "files": [""],
  "imageSize": 100,
  "contributorsPerLine": 7,
  "badgeTemplate": "[![All Contributors](<%= contributors.length %>-orange.svg?style=flat-square)](#contributors)",
  "contributorTemplate": "<%= avatarBlock %><br /><%= contributions %>",
  "types": {
    "custom": {
      "symbol": "🔭",
      "description": "A custom contribution type.",
      "link": "[<%= symbol %>](<%= url %> \"<%= description %>\"),"
  "contributors": []
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