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Cookiecutter and XcodeGen template for our iOS apps.
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iOS Starter 📱

cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/ios-starter


Install Cookiecutter and XcodeGen.

brew install cookiecutter
brew install xcodegen

Optional step for all about apps internal use

Install the latest version of our internal Google Sheets localization tool and builder.

npm install -g @aaa/google-docs-i18n-strings
gem install builder


  1. Run cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/ios-starter.
  2. You'll be asked for project name, team details and bundle identifier details. If you don't have the localization tool installed, skip the googleSheetId parameter. cookiecutter will create all files needed from the template on github.
  3. xcodegen will run automatically and generate the Xcode project file.
  4. Afterwards carthage update --platform ios --cache-build will install/update all needed dependencies.
  5. Xcode launches your new project.
  6. 🚀
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