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iOS Starter 📱

Xcode 15.x with Swift Package Manager dependencies.

cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/ios-starter


Install Cookiecutter, XcodeGen and SwiftGen.

brew install cookiecutter
brew install xcodegen
brew install swiftgen

Texterify Setup

Texterify is an open source localization management system, which can be hosted on your own server or run locally. To integrate Texterify in your project, you need to install the Texterify CLI:

npm install -g texterify

Follow the configuration steps described in the documentation.


  1. Run cookiecutter gh:allaboutapps/ios-starter.
  2. You'll be asked for project name, team details and bundle identifier details. If you don't have the localization tool installed, skip the texterify parameters. cookiecutter will create all files needed from the template on github.
  3. xcodegen will run automatically and generate the Xcode project file.
  4. Xcode launches your new project.
  5. 🚀