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A CodeIgniter Library for the Google AJAX API
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CodeIgniter Google API Library


This allows you to easily interface with Google’s AJAX API within your CodeIgniter application.


1. Copy Google.php to your application/libraries folder.
2. Load the library like normal. ($this->load->library('google');)


API calls takes 2 parameters:
1. The search string
2. An array of options

Valid API calls include:



$this->google->images('cougar', array('safe' => 'active'));

Return Values

The library return the responseData object sent by Google. You must access the results like this:

$search = $this->google->web('codeigniter');
$results = $search->results;

You can also use chaining to simplify it:

$results = $this->google->web('codeigniter')->results;

For more information on the return object please see the API reference:
Google API Reference

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