A clean cut UI theme for Sublime Text.
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A clean cut UI theme for Sublime Text 2 bastardised from the source code of Soda.

Centurion was made out of a want for less UI and more code. It's so minimal you can barely see it.

Centurion theme


Just install through Package Control and make sure to update the theme in your Settings - User file with:

"theme": "Centurion.sublime-theme"


"theme": "CenturionLight.sublime-theme"

To update the syntax hightlighting using Galea make sure you add following lines into your Settings - User file:

"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Centurion/Galea.tmTheme"


"color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Centurion/GaleaLight.tmTheme"


Centurion has a few settings that you can tweaking that you can apply through your Settings - User file. Below is a list of all the properties you can activate. Just boink them into your settings file and toggle at will.

// Colors
"centurion_color_blue": false,
"centurion_color_red": false,
"centurion_color_yellow": false,
"centurion_color_orange": false,
"centurion_color_grey": false,

// UI
"centurion_tab_close_buttons": false,
"centurion_tab_scrolling": false,


Centurion theme

Centurion now ships with its own syntax highlighting. Galea is a simple theme designed to cut down on the use of color in conflicting locations. There are only five colors, each relating to a high level Textmate scope.

Color Scope
Yellow Entity / Tag
Red Support / Keyword
Orange Storage
Green String
Blue Constant

Additionally each file's background is tinted to distinguish it's type. Front-end remains grey, backend is blue and data-files are green.


If you like the theme and find some bugs please do let me know. I've been testing it only with my current pipeline so there are bound to be file types that miss out. Just bug it out and I'll do my best to fix them up.