pytest plugin for integration with TestRail, for creating testruns and updating results
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This is a pytest plugin for creating/editing testplans or testruns based on pytest markers. The results of the collected tests will be updated against the testplan/testrun in TestRail.


pip install pytest-testrail


Config for Pytest tests

Add a marker to the tests that will be picked up to be added to the run.

from pytest_testrail.plugin import testrail

@testrail('C1234', 'C5678')
def test_foo():
    # test code goes here

# OR	

from pytest_testrail.plugin import pytestrail'C1234', 'C5678')
def test_bar():
    # test code goes here

See a more detailed example here.

Config for TestRail

  • Settings file template config:
url =
email =
password = <api_key>

assignedto_id = 1
project_id = 2
suite_id = 3


  • Set command line options (see below)


Basically, the following command will create a testrun in TestRail, add all marked tests to run. Once the all tests are finished they will be updated in TestRail:

py.test --testrail --tr-config=<settings file>.cfg

All available options

  --testrail            Create and update testruns with TestRail
                        Path to the config file containing information about
                        the TestRail server (defaults to testrail.cfg)
  --tr-url=TR_URL       TestRail address you use to access TestRail with your
                        web browser (config file: url in API section)
  --tr-email=TR_EMAIL   Email for the account on the TestRail server (config
                        file: email in API section)
                        Password for the account on the TestRail server
                        (config file: password in API section)
                        ID of the user assigned to the test run (config file:
                        assignedto_id in TESTRUN section)
                        ID of the project the test run is in (config file:
                        project_id in TESTRUN section)
                        ID of the test suite containing the test cases (config
                        file: suite_id in TESTRUN section)
                        Include all test cases in specified test suite when
                        creating test run (config file: include_all in TESTRUN
                        Name given to testrun, that appears in TestRail
                        (config file: name in TESTRUN section)
                        Identifier of testrun, that appears in TestRail. If
                        provided, option "--tr-testrun-name" will be ignored
                        Identifier of testplan, that appears in TestRail. If
                        provided, option "--tr-testrun-name" will be ignored
                        Indicate a version in Test Case result.
                        Do not check for valid SSL certificate on TestRail
                        Close a test plan or test run on completion.
                        Do not publish results of "blocked" testcases in
  --tr-skip-missing     Skip test cases that are not present in testrun