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Get Comics

  • Scrape daily comic images from popular sites (e.g.: gocomics, dilbert)
  • Creates an archive of daily comics
  • Emails each comic to a list of BCC recipients


npm install
cp comics.json.example comics.json
cp smtpauth.json.example smtpauth.json

You have to edit comics.json and smtpauth.json before running.


See: package.json

NB: This package has been tested with nodemailer 0.6.3. Later versions do not work. Not sure why.


To fetch today's comics:

node getcomics.js

To fetch historical comics:

node getcomics.js YYYY-MM-DD
eg: node getcomics.js 2014-04-01

Defining the Comics to download

The file comics.json defines a list of comics to download. For example:

        "comictype": "dilbert",
        "divclass": ".STR_Image",
        "isRelative": true,
        "dtformat": "YYYY-MM-DD",
        "subject": "Dilbert",
        "bcc": "",
        "url": "",
        "targetfile": "/home/myusername/Dropbox/Comics/dilbert/dilbert.",
        "extension": ".gif"
        "comictype": "gocomic",
        "divclass": ".feature_item",
        "isRelative": false,
        "dtformat": "YYYY\/MM\/DD",
        "subject": "Calvin and Hobbes",
        "bcc": "",
        "url": "",
        "targetfile": "/home/myusername/Dropbox/Comics/calvinandhobbes/calvinandhobbes.",
        "extension": ".gif"

Description of attributes in comics.json:

comictype:  "Deprecated"
divclass: "The name of the <div> tag containing the image file"
isRelative: "Is the image url relative?""
dtformat: "Format applied to the url when fetching historical data (ie: would require YYYY-MM-DD)""
subject: "Subject line of email"
bcc: "Target recipients"
url: "Base url of comic site"
targetfile: "Full path and filename (minus extension) of the target download (NB: folder must exist)""
extension: "Extension of the downloaded file"

NB: The file will be saved using the pattern targetfile+YYYY-MM-DD+extension (eg: /path/dilbert.2014-04-01.gif)

Defining SMTP Authorisation

getcomics.js uses nodemailer to send daily comic emails.

You must define your sender email and nodemailer transport attributes in the file smtpauth.json. For example:

    "sender": "My Name <>",
    "transport": {
        "service": "Gmail",
        "auth": {
            "XOAuth2": {
                "user": "",
                "clientId": "myclientid",
                "clientSecret": "myclientsecret",
                "refreshToken": "myrefreshtoken"

Please refer to the nodemailer documentation for transport examples. If you are interested, the following link gives an excellent tutorial on configuring OAuth for Gmail.


  • Add a switch to disable email sending
  • Test newer versions of nodemailer