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PhotoGal generates a beautiful photo gallery from a plain directory of files.

It provides the features casual visitors will notice:

  • Thumbnails
  • Sharp modern appearance
  • Easy navigation controls

PhotoGal screenshot

It does NOT provide:

  • Photo editing - you will need to export into this from other software like Lightroom or Darktable.
  • Comments/likes/social media integration
  • Uploading photos to a server -- you will need to move the files yourself with utilities like SFTP or rsync.
  • Tagging and categorizing photos across galleries -- you can only have a simple list of galleries.
  • Rearranging photos to appear in a particular order -- you will need to rename the files to do this.

Detailed features

  • Navigation hotkeys
  • Large click area for navigation buttons
  • Thumbnail rows are automatically scaled to fill the page width. (Not a trivial problem!)
  • When viewing images full size, the neighboring images are preloaded for instantations switch


This requires Ruby and ImageMagick.

# Ubuntu Linux
sudo apt install ruby imagemagick

# Mac OSX (with Homebrew)
brew install ruby imagemagick


git clone photos
cd photos/galleries

Put your photos into subfolders of the "galleries" folder, so your files look like


Then run this script, which creates generates thumbnails and and creates the index.html files for each gallery:


Gallery configuration

Each gallery can have a config.yml file, e.g. galleries/Example-Gallery/config.yml. Examples:

Set a key image to represent the gallery on the site index:

key: DSC_4567.jpg

Make the gallery unlisted on the site index:

unlisted: true