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This is pfw, a web based front end for OpenBSD's firewall pf, written in PHP.

This is the final resting place for PFW. The code is not maintained. Please feel free to fork and continue the work.

A couple of things doesn't work, because it would make things overly complicated, or that it doesn't make sense in a web interface. A couple of examples:

  • timeout settings on a an individual rule basis. Adding this will increase the complexity of the rulebase quite substantailly.
  • source-hash keys, pf makes perfectly good strong keys by itself.
  • set require-order, pfw will make order out of chaos. It will not be possible to have disorder in the ruleset when using pfw.

To install pfw, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have PHP version 5.0 or later installed (php -v reveals the version number).

  2. Make sure you have sqlite and the PHP sqlite module installed. To test:

    php -i | grep SQLite
  3. Unpack the pfw archive somewhere reachable by your webserver. In this document, it is assumed that you have installed pfw in /var/www/pfw and it doesn't matter where you installed it. As long as you change everything accordingly.

  4. Install the sqlite database and then:

    cd /var/www/pfw && sqlite conf/config.db < docs/sql/sqlite.sql
  5. Make sure that the web server has write access to the conf directory

     cd /var/www/pfw && chown -R www:www conf
  6. Add the following to your /var/www/conf/httpd.conf

     Alias /pfw "/var/www/pfw/web/"
     <Directory "/var/www/pfw/web">
         AllowOverride None
         Order allow,deny
         Allow from

This will allow you to access pfw from only (or tunneled through ssh). Please change this to suit your needs. There is currently no builtin authentication in pfw so please read the Apache authentication documentation and add authentication accordingly.

  1. pfw needs Apache to run in non-chrooted mode (otherwise, it can't access /etc/pf.conf) so add httpd_flags="-u" to your /etc/rc.conf.local and start apache by issuing 'httpd -u'. In almost all cases, you will want to add SSL to your apache config as well. Please read ssl(8) and then add httpd_flags="-u -DSSL" and start apache by issuing 'httpd -u -DSSL'.

    echo 'httpd -u -DSSL' >> /etc/rc.conf.local
  2. pfw relies on sudo to perform privileged operations and sudo needs to be configured for this. You need to a add this to /etc/sudoers:

    echo "www ALL = NOPASSWD: /var/www/pfw/bin/*" >> /etc/sudoers

Feel free to verify the scripts in the bin directory to see that they don't do anything you wouldn't want before doing this.

That's it. Pfw is now installed and ready to be used.