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An implementation of the classic Robotron 2084 game for the iPad and Mac. This is a game I played a lot in my 20's and really enjoyed. I am using this project to learn SpriteKit and to have a little fun.

Robotron is a devishly hard game from the 1980s that introduced the notion of using two joysticks, one controlling movement and the other controlling firing. Rather than explain the game here, you can go to one of the many sites on the web that reviews the game. The Robotron Guidebook is very good. You can also search for Robotron on YouTube to see the game being played on the original machine.

iPad Version

The iPad version of the game uses on-screen joysticks that you operate with your thumbs.

Mac Version

The Mac version of the game expects to find a USB game controller with two joysticks. At present, I have a very old LogiTech "Dual Action" joystick, so the code is pretty specific to that device.


An implementation of the classic Robotron 2048 for the iPad and Mac.



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