This is a 'fall back' clone for the official repository for ZPanelx, as of 5th of January 2014, I have moved the official repository to the new 'ZPanel' GitHub group! This clone exists at present to ensure older installers do not break! - All commits should be pushed to the new repo at:
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ZPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel written in PHP and is compatible with Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX, MacOSX and the BSD's).

##Downloading ZPanel

To use ZPanel in a production enviroment we recommend you use our automated installers which also take care of the installation of not only ZPanel but also Apache, PHP, MySQL, BIND, ProFTPd etc.

To download ZPanel please use the links found on our download page.

##License agreement

ZPanel is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL v3) you can view a copy of this license either by opening the LICENSE file in the root of this folder or by visiting:-

##Getting support

We provide excellent free (and premium) support and documentation at our website.