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# By October 2011. Do with it what you want.
# Ubuntu Oneiric with Nautilus 3 was a very sad day for me - any means
# to modify my emblems were gone.
# This script is a bit of a stop-gap measure - it adds a menu entry with
# the same functionality as the removed side pane from the old Nautilus.
# Drop this file into /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/ and
# Nautilus should now have that extra menu item in the context menu of
# any file or folder.
# If someone knows any of the following:
# 1) How to retrieve the list of all available emblems from Nautilus.
# 2) How to retrieve the icon picture for an emblem from Nautilus.
# 3) How to add a custom picture to a Nautilus menu item.
# 4) How to set/clear emblems with the Nautilus API instead of GVFS.
# Please mail to
from gi.repository import Nautilus, GObject
import os, glob, subprocess, urllib
free_desktop_emblems = [
USER_EMBLEMS_PATH = "~/.icons/hicolor/48x48/emblems"
class EmblemsMenu(GObject.GObject, Nautilus.MenuProvider):
extra_emblems = None
emblem_names = {}
def __init__(self):
# TODO: Is there a way to ask Nautilus for the list of all
# possible emblems?
if EmblemsMenu.extra_emblems is None:
EmblemsMenu.extra_emblems = []
usericons = os.path.expanduser(USER_EMBLEMS_PATH)
for f in glob.glob(usericons + "/*.icon"):
for row in open(f):
if row.startswith("DisplayName="):
name = row[len("DisplayName="):].strip()
n = os.path.basename(f)
n = os.path.splitext(n)[0]
EmblemsMenu.emblem_names[n] = name
def get_file_items(self, window, files):
menu_item = Nautilus.MenuItem(name = "EmblemsMenu::Emblems",
label = "Emblems", tip = "", icon = "")
submenu = Nautilus.Menu()
for sub, emblems in [("Standard", free_desktop_emblems),
("User", EmblemsMenu.extra_emblems)]:
if not emblems: continue
sub_item = Nautilus.MenuItem(name = "EmblemsMenu::" + sub,
label = sub, tip = "", icon = "")
emblems_menu = Nautilus.Menu()
for e in emblems:
display_name = EmblemsMenu.emblem_names.get(e,
# TODO: How do we get the emblem icon image, and how
# do we attach it to the menu as item?
emblem_item = Nautilus.MenuItem(
name = "EmblemsMenu::" + e,
label = display_name, tip = "", icon = e)
emblem_item.connect("activate", self.cb, (files, e))
sub_item = Nautilus.MenuItem(name = "EmblemsMenu::Clear",
label = "Clear", tip = "", icon = "")
sub_item.connect("activate", self.clear_cb, files)
return menu_item,
def cb(self, menu, (files, emblem)):
for f in files:
# TODO: The above is not permanent? Why? Using GVFS instead
# seems to work.
path = urllib.unquote(f.get_uri()[7:])
p = subprocess.Popen(["gvfs-info", "-a",
"metadata::emblems", path],
stdout = subprocess.PIPE)
out, err = p.communicate()
emblems = []
for row in out.splitlines()[1:]:
row = row.strip()
if row.startswith("metadata::emblems:"):
row = row[len("metadata::emblems:"):].strip("[ ]")
emblems.extend([x.strip() for x in
p = subprocess.Popen(["gvfs-set-attribute", "-t", "stringv",
path, "metadata::emblems"] + emblems)
def clear_cb(self, menu, files):
# TODO: How do I use Nautilus instead of gvfs?
for f in files:
p = subprocess.Popen(["gvfs-set-attribute", "-t", "unset",
urllib.unquote(f.get_uri()[7:]), "metadata::emblems"])