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Spring Boot Starter Handlebars

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Spring Boot Starter support for (logic-less templates).


Add handlebars-spring-boot-starter as dependency:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile ''


Spring Boot Starter Handlebars will automatically register handlebars helpers based on project dependencies. Add any handlebars helper to dependencies and you can start using it.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.jknack:handlebars-helpers:4.0.6',

NOTE: Jackson2Helper and MarkdownHelper will register with name json and md respectively. Every other helper will register with its default name.

More information about available helpers can be found on

Custom helpers

To register a custom helper use @HandlebarsHelper annotation.


public class CustomHelper {
    CharSequence foo() {
        return 'bar'

More information about how to create custom helpers can be found on Using a HelperSource


Properties space is: handlebars. All basic properties of are available.

Default configuration:

handlebars.enabled: true
handlebars.prefix: classpath:templates/
handlebars.suffix: .hbs
handlebars.cache: true
handlebars.registerMessageHelper: true
handlebars.failOnMissingFile: false
handlebars.bindI18nToMessageSource: false
handlebars.prettyPrint: false
handlebars.infiniteLoops: false

NOTE: handlebars-guava-cache is used as template cache implementation.

resolver configuration allows on/off available handlebars value resolvers. Here goes default configuration:

handlebars.resolver.javaBean: true true
handlebars.resolver.method: false
handlebars.resolver.field: false

More information about value resolvers can be found on Using the ValueResolver.

Custom cache template

Set handlebars template cache by @Bean of type TemplateCache.

Custom template loader

Set handlebars template loader by @Bean of type TemplateLoader.


handlebars-spring-boot-starter is published under Apache License 2.0.