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A pricing module for Ralph
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Ralph Scrooge

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Scrooge module brings billing functionality to Ralph. Using Ralph Scrooge, you can retrieve information on the use of resources from many other systems and charge other services. Scrooge generates flexible and accurate cost reports and let you refer to historical usages and costs.

Ralph Scrooge is a combination of IT management and accounting software. By using Scrooge your company can optimize the costs of internal services and departments, by reviewing their structure and dependencies.


  • costs module, where you can provide invoice costs, staff costs and other costs (licences, supports etc.)
  • many plugins to retrieve information on the use of resources from other systems
  • charging other services proportionally to the use of resources by their devices
  • many full-featured reports (costs per service, costs and usages per single device, dependency structure)
  • OpenStack support (tenants, simple usages, ceilometer)
  • pluginable architecture - write your own plugins to collect data and calculate costs of your services!
  • API to upload information from other systems

Visit Ralph documentation to learn more about Ralph and Scrooge features!

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