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This library is officially end-of-life. It does not and will not support the new GraphQL API.



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A PHP wrapper for working with version 1 of the API.


PHP 5.5+

  • This library may work with with PHP 5.4, however it's no longer supported
  • If you need PHP 5.3 or 5.4 support, your best bet is using the 0.2.x branch, however it's no longer supported



The recommended method of using this project is through Composer. However, PHAR archives are available in the Releases page as well.

composer require allejo/php-pulse

Be sure to require your autoloader or the PHAR archive directly when using this library.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

// or

require 'phppulse.phar';

Accessing Boards

use allejo\DaPulse\PulseBoard;

// Set our API key to access the API
PulseBoard::setApiKey(" API Key");

// Get all of our boards
$boards = PulseBoard::getBoards();

foreach ($boards as $board)
    echo "Board Name: {$board->getName()}";
    echo "Board Description: {$board->getDescription()}";

    // Create a Pulse with the owner of user id 1
    $pulse = $board->createPulse("Sample Pulse Title", 1);

Deprecations & Backward Compatibility

This project is completely stable but hasn't reached 1.0.0 since there are things that still may change. If any functions are deprecated, they will be removed in the next next minor release; for example, if something has been deprecated in the 0.1.x branch then it will be removed starting with the 0.3.0 release onwards. All deprecations and removals are documented via the @deprecated tag in the phpDocs, in the change log, and GitHub releases.

With the exception of deprecated functionality being removed faster during the 0.x stage, this project will do its best to abide by Symfony's Backward Compatibility promise. This practice is subject to change once this project reaches 1.0.0.

Getting Help

To get help, you may either create an issue or stop by IRC; I'm available on IRC as "allejo" so feel free to ping me. I recommend creating an issue in case others have the same question but for quick help, IRC works just fine.

To report a bug or request a feature, please submit an issue.


I've done my best to document this project and the generated phpDoc is available. If you'd like to help with writing documentation or tutorials, I gladly welcome contributions to this project's wiki.


Channel: #sujevo