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⚠️ 🚧 🚧 🚧 ⚠️

Before exploring this project further, I am brand new to the world of JavaScript, Typescript, npm, and friends. This project works however, I don't guarantee that it follows best practices or is even packaged correctly.

This project is my learning ground for the JS world. So if you're a JS expert (or you just know the pain I'm going through by entering the JS world) and you have an unsolicited advice/tips, they are welcome and I'd highly appreciate it!

Welcome to aclovis! A library that allows you to programmatically generate C++ code (and maybe other languages in the future) from JavaScript or Typescript.

As mentioned in the beginning, this project is incredibly young and will likely be changing a lot. The fact that this project is starting at version 0.0.0 should be a sign of its stability. You have been warned!

Okay. But why tho?

For my BZFlag Plug-in Starter, I needed a way to programmatically generate C++ to help developers get started with writing plug-ins quickly. The initial version was written in a hurry and dubbed "CodeBuilder." It was time for me to properly learn JS and TS, so I decided to give the project another look and rewrite it.


For the most up to date examples and functionality, it is highly recommended that you look at the unit tests for the project.

import { CPPClass, CPPFormatter, CPPFunction, CPPVariable, CPPVisibility } from 'aclovis';

let cppclass = new CPPClass('PetThief');
let stealFxn = new CPPFunction('void', 'steal', [
    CPPVariable.createInt('target', -1)

stealFxn.setParentClass(cppclass, CPPVisibility.Public);

let fmtr = new CPPFormatter({
    indentWithSpaces: true,
    indentSpaceCount: 4,
    bracesOnNewLine: true

let output = cppclass.writeHeaderBlock(fmtr, 0);

And here's what would be outputted when you write out the class.

class PetThief
    virtual void steal(int owner, int target = -1);

Future Plans

If I am able to pick up some better practices, I'll definitely expand this to be able to generate other languages. I attempted to write some generic interfaces that should be able to work across different languages but for right now, C++ is the main focus.