A BZFlag game mode where the last tank standing wins the match
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Last Tank Standing

GitHub release Minimum BZFlag Version License

A BZFlag FFA game mode, where the player with the lowest score gets eliminated until there's the last tank standing.

A match of Last Tank Standing (LTS) consists of multiple rounds, where a round is defined as the time period where someone gets eliminated (defined by _ltsKickTime). When a match is started, all tanks are rendered immobile and cannot shoot until the match has begun. During the countdown, players are allowed to join or rejoin if they are not satisfied with their starting position. Once a game has started however, all players will automatically be moved to the observer team and must wait for the next game to start whether they just joined or were rejoining. Everyone's scores are reset to 0 at the start of the match, when the countdown reaches 0. After every 60 seconds (defined by _ltsKickTime), the player with the lowest score will be eliminated (i.e. moved to the observer team) and in the case of a tie for last place, no player will be eliminated.

Compiling Requirements


Loading the plug-in

This plug-in accepts the path to a configuration file when loaded. This configuration file is not mandatory but is needed for some configuration.

-loadplugin lastTankStanding,/path/to/lastTankStanding.cfg

Custom BZDB Variables

These custom BZDB variables must be used with -setforced, which sets BZDB variable <name> to <value>, even if the variable does not exist. These variables may changed at any time in-game by using the /set command.

-setforced <name> <value>
Name Type Default Description
_ltsKickTime int 60 The number of seconds between each elimination round
_ltsCountdown int 15 The default number of seconds for the countdown before a game of LTS starts. This can be changed by specifying the number of seconds with /start <seconds>
_ltsIdleKickTime int 30 The numer of seconds to eliminate a player for idling or pausing during a match
_ltsResetScoreOnElimination bool false When set to true, all of the remaining players' scores will be reset to 0

Custom Slash Commands

Command Permission Description
/start <seconds> vote Start a new match of Last Tank Standing
/gameover endgame End the current game of Last Tank Standing

Tip: The permissions required for these commands may be changed by using the configuration file.

Configuration File

Field Type Description
GAME_START_PERM string The permission required for the /start command
GAME_END_PERM string The permission required for the /gameover command
RECORD_MATCHES bool Whether or not to record LTS matches and save them as replays; enabling this functionality requires that -recdir be set in the BZFS configuration

Warning: Do not use single or double quotes when defining string values in the configuration file.
Tip: Permissions are case-insensitive.
Tip: You may use custom permissions such as 'LTS' or 'Bacon' and the plug-in will still behave correctly