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A BZFlag plug-in that adds commands to help players train on league servers
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bztoolkit @ dea5bad

Match Trainer Assistant

A remake of the plug-in by An SQUERRIL requested by hj; this plugin introduces convenience commands for players practicing on servers.

I never used the original plug-in so I'm going off what I was told. If you'd like to make a feature request, start an issue; don't PM me or tell me, I will forget. Issues will also allow for other developers to contribute the feature if I don't have the time.


Vladimir "allejo" Jimenez

Available Slash Commands

  • /spawn
    • /spawn Respawn immediately at the location of your last death
    • /spawn <id | callsign> Respawn immediately at the location of the target player's last location
    • /spawn <x> <y> <z> <rotation> Respawn immediately at the specified location; be sure not to get stuck in objects!
  • /flag
    • The command with no parameters will give you your own team flag
  • /die
    • Die immediately



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